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Three Women by Christine Kesara Dennett


Jody Zolli

And so he sat, oblivious
And drew me screaming
Sievelike, through his strings

Brought us parallel, pretended
There could be a middle ground
Liar, I thought

We, discordant, worlds apart
Could never meet in daylight
I grinned through tears

And threw a quarter in the case
Set out before him
On the ground before his feet

Atonement made I walked on
Swearing next time IŽll not listen
IŽll pass, eyes ground-riveted

Or, if I hear, the tune will trickle
From my ears, another city sound
IŽll finger coins meant for him

And roll them one by one into
The subway grate where the 5:05
Will make short shrift of them

I cannot afford
The sweet compulsive catnip
Offered on the sidewalkŽs altar
By this nameless shaman

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