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Three Women by Christine Kesara Dennett

The Weaver

Gregory A. Kompes

The Weaver weaves thread by thread
Slowly shuttles under over on end
Until together and intertwined
Intended pattern revealed.

The Weaver unweaves then thread by thread
The labored form deconstructed.
A new color is found, a new design desired;
Unused threads dropped underfoot.

The Weaver now weaves, once again
Some old with the new, reconstruction
Until in the doing, intention created
Surpassing the first, the second, the thirdů

More new threads discovered, new colors dyed
Another pass through forward behind
Threads then pulled, scattered, inserted
Those not reused remain discarded.

Responsibility unending, task eternal
Yet, the Weaver weaves knowing
Results aren┤t the goal
Instead, life┤s action driven.

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