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Eagle Landing by Albert Rollins

Letter to Our Readers
Kim Kenny Welcome to the 10th issue of Mused! Everyone on the editorial team is thrilled to bring you yet another amazing issue, featuring the work of incredible writers and artists.

For many parts of the world, this has been an exceptionally harsh winter. Many of the pieces featured in the Spring Equinox issue of Mused remind us to have hope, that the world will once again awaken to the endless possibilities of spring. The flowers will bloom and the leaves will return. The sun will shine, the temperature will rise, and life will begin anew. Even in the wake of tragedy, there is hope for a better tomorrow, a new beginning. We can find comfort in the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

The artwork in this issue evokes the spirit of spring, the beauty of the earth, and the warm rays of the sun that will soon be shining upon us. Donna Sciandra has captured the intricacy and intensity of nature´s wonders in her photo Dragonfly. The serenity of Monica Zikusooka´s Solitude, an image of a Great Blue Heron perched atop a branch at sunset, brings to mind the simple pleasures the natural world can give us. Teresa Ann Frazee´s remarkable acrylic paintings Confirmation of Light and Tonight After Dark capture the magic and beauty of light against the dramatic black lines of a fence or a light post.

Gail Mitkoff and Lisa J. Michaels have crafted a beautiful tale of tolerance, love and acceptance in Chloe´s Secret, the story of a puppy with a unique trait that threatens her chances of finding her forever family. Caroline, Lisa Shea´s main character in Melting, finds the strength for a new beginning after tragedy alters her life forever. And in the whimsical Sewing Together Earth and Sky, Ann McDermott weaves a creation myth that is both mystical and moving.

Nancy Dietrich´s powerful and heartbreaking non-fiction piece Goodyear grasps at hope for a better future. In spite of the fear and anguish of her abusive relationship, we come away from her narrative knowing she will bravely rise above her situation and carve a new life for herself.

The poetry featured in this issue continues to raise the bar. Joanne Cucinello´s piece The Old Woman Dreams explores the hope that can come even in death. And Dawn Kathleen Merrow´s pithy poem Blown Glass stands alone in its effortless imagery.

As the snow begins to melt and the days grow longer, revel in this very special issue of Mused with your favorite cup of tea or glass of wine. Dream about your own future, how you can reshape your life, and the promise and comfort we can all find in the changing of the seasons.


Kim Kenney
Mused Artwork Team Member

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