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Emerald Cuckoo Wasp

Mark Berkery

    There is a palm tree in the garden, like no other palm tree around. But like all palm trees it drops its leaves, or branches, periodically. It also flowers periodically, and this one is flowering now for the first time in three years, that I know of. And it seems to produce nectar first thing in the morning, for only about an hour. For that hour the flowers are royally attended by a host of creatures that are about and enjoy a little nectar for breakfast.

The upshot is some of these creatures fall into the water in the bucket I keep below. I prefer using aged water in some parts of the garden and this morning this beautiful creature was holding onto some debris floating on top.

I bent down and put a finger under it to lift it out. This one was wide awake and lively after being rescued from the cooler water. I put it on a post of rounded wood and it went about its business of drying out, cleaning off and warming up.

While it did this I went about my business of taking pictures. It can be difficult when the creature is always moving but that gives opportunity for different shots, and I trust I got a few of this rare beauty.

There is no stopping what nature will be. And only a fool would try.

Does that make us a race of fools? Hmmm!

When she was done I gave her a sup of honey, and when she was done with that - which was a long time later - I put her in the sunshine and she launched herself into the air and was gone.

Wonderfully colourful little thing.

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