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Tampa Bay Sunset by Lisa Shea

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Letter to Our Readers
Lisa Shea The spring equinox is a moment of balance. A time of celebrating the renewal that nature offers us. In China one tradition is to put out fresh seed for the birds, to thank them for their part in the cycle of life. The Great Sphinx, built a staggering 4500+ years ago, was aligned to face directly into the sun on the Spring Equinox. It marked the start of a new year of crops and health. Indeed, in many parts of the world the Spring Equinox was the New Year celebration. It was time to clean the home, feast, and embark on new projects.

What will this new year hold for you?

Mused offers a wealth of springly rebirths for your heart and soul. Beautiful flowers curl and open. Shore birds explore the sand and water. Tiny bugs remind us that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Poetry reminds us to treasure what is precious. The touch of a loved one's hand. The poignant memories of those who have passed. The tenacity in a tiny seed. The mindfulness that every moment offers something to appreciate.

Fiction takes us into fresh outlooks on life. A struggling writer seeking that first break. A lonely woman hoping her ex might at last return to her. A man who knows he was meant for the bright lights of acting.

Non-Fiction lets us walk, for a few moments, in another's shoes. A young woman in Madrid has a night to remember. A sixties-era student's school assignment haunts her until this very day. A woman, back to visit her family in Iran in 1993, finds that the changes in the culture are powerful and pervasive.

Join us in celebrating this new year - and best of luck to all of your hopes and dreams!

Lisa Shea