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Tampa Bay Sunset by Lisa Shea

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What You Are Saying
West African Crowned Crane - Such a gorgeous bird. I've never seen one with color such as this. Beautiful photograph. ~Vivian

Silver Forest - Most profound and excellent photo!...How can I obtain a copy? Mille Grazie ~Kelly [Ed Note: To contact any artist in Mused who hasn’t provided direct contact info in their bio, just write the main Mused team. We’ll pass your note along! We let Christine know of your request.]

Rhode Island Sunset - I'd like to know where this was taken. I once spent a lot of time around Providence. Good friends used to live there. This looks like it could be Narragansett Bay. Is it? If not, then where was this taken? Thanks! ~mikki [Ed Note: This was taken at Napatree Point in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, looking northwest toward Sandy Point]

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse - Stunning, rich colors and great use of lines to draw the eye into the image. ~Jane

A Dirty Martini of an Evening - A charming voyeur! I really liked and felt empathy for him. Another beautiful tale. ~Jenny

The Night of the Pooka - Dennis, this is simply wonderful! You've introduced me to a new supernatural creature and to a new writing market. Thanks to the Grinnell Magazine for its mention of "The Night of the Pooka." ~Walt Giersbach '61

Winter Hope - I liked this poem. It says a lot about this time of year. Depression at this time of year is the sorriest of feelings as we all believe everyone else is happier than we are. So this poem assures us that is not necessarily true. ~Carlana

Friday Night at Grandad´s - A sweet window into a world we only read about. My mind pictured all the rooms and persons inside. Enjoyable. ~Vivian

Love Messages - Vivian wrote an outstanding compliment to her parents’ love affair. I search for my parents notes and letters but find none. She is fortunate to hand down these memories and keepsakes to her grandchildren's grandchildren. Thank you, Vivian, for such a beautiful story. ~Andy

Play Iranian Style - Sounds fun, all except the being sick. That was a very engaging piece of writing. ~Cynthia

There´s a Bear in My Garden - Garden of Eden? Is this paradise? What a fantastic illustration of man and nature, man and man, man and spirit in sync . . . ~Ivana

There´s a Bear in My Garden - Delightfully descriptive and told with great humour! ~Jenny

There´s a Bear in My Garden - Loved this story! Have been gone from northern New Mexico for many years and this brought back vivid memories and the essence of the wild and wonderful place it was to live! Such a great read! ~Maggie

West Africa: A Love Story - A powerful story that provides an important message - one we should all listen to. ~Robert

A Girl in Love with Silence - I'm not fond of poetry, but there are some I find enchanting. The above expresses what many of us Plain Janes felt as young people. I think Linda did an excellent job expressing how I once felt. ~Vivian

Angel Hair - This is a wonderful poem! It's great for reading aloud. There's nothing like a poem that gives you courage. Thanks, I will be looking for more of your work. ~Andrea Wyatt

As the Snow Falls - Great sensory treat. The sonics blends well with the imagery made more appealing by the repetition. People who live in places where there is snow can easily relate. ~Kim

Dolly the Llama - This poem is about my Dahli who resides at Holly Lane Gardens on Bainbridge Island, WA. She'll enjoy getting this attention! I love it! Dahli the llama would love it also--I'll take it out and read it to the 2 resident llamas. Dahli never forgave me for replacing her Mom, but I like her to have company. ~Patti of Holly Lane Gardens

Hurricane Season - Absolutely gorgeous poetry - the images, the rhythm, the rolling nature of the lines. ~Lisa

Happy Thanksgiving – It’s hard to think of you roasted as the last Thanksgiving turkey. You are soooo very alive always doing something wonderful and creative! A baby at almost seven-oh! You have many, many more milestones to come. Don't hold your breath, just breathe through what's on the horizon. And enjoy!!! ~Carlana

Inheriting the Earth – Great poem! ~Sheikha A.

Memory Foam - Awesome. Made me think. Love this author, She does amazing writings. Have seen some of her editing work and she knows her stuff well. ~Devra

Ode To A Swing - I can relate, I loved to swing and dream as a child. ~Cynthia

Poverty - Beautiful. Moving, heartfelt and powerful. Keep writing poetry and prose! ~

Ashes to Ashes - We have each had moments in our lives that are magical. Susan has captured one of hers and in writing so eloquently about it she has brought me back to one of my own. Thank you for publishing this. ~Antonia

Ashes to Ashes - This is beautifully told. This was not an easy task and the writer did a wonderful job honoring her parents both in the event and the retelling of it. ~Cassandra

Ashes to Ashes - Thank you for this story, Susan. It is beautifully written and moved me. ~Elizabeth

Ashes to Ashes - Beautiful and moving. Eloquent telling of a sacred and spiritual ceremony. ~Jenny

Ashes to Ashes - Such a beautiful piece--and so full of trust in the universe! Being open to spirit and life is what is expressed by Susan Blevins, a gifted writer relying on intellect and love for her parents and utmost respect of their last wishes. ~Maggie

Ashes to Ashes - What a lovely scene painted by the writer. How special that day must have been when the author returned to the place of holiness. ~Vivian