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Tampa Bay Sunset by Lisa Shea

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Faris Naimi

Paint me a secret message,
Oh great king of the streets.
The Lord knows that you have the time.
Sleep is for the rich.
Unfortunately so are canvasses.

Thank God that the paint is free. . .
flowing in your veins.
Thank God that your mind is free. . .
falling from the heights that you painted on the wall.
Thank God for the G in me
He gets a good view of every back street brawl.

All hail lord Devin!
For whose memory this underpass stands.
But The Squid reigns supreme!
8 tentacles to throw out bands.

They use black paint to sensor the rest
But that canīt put a true artist to rest
Use a new color to outdo all the rest
No matter how much they tell you to Give it a rest