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Hearts of Blood

Kate M. Lynch

Bleeding hearts drape delicately
As the summer sun breaks dawn.
Watchful eyes, full of nature’s appetite,
Wait imploringly for the silent breeze
To stroke the blooming blossoms
As they awaken from their slumber
Under the starlit sky.

Morning dew drips, one by one, off their petals,
Quenching the thirst of the land below.
Shaking off sleep with each new
Breath of fresh air they take.
Inhale the good, exhale the bad.
A Mantra for our lives, that we often forget,
Runs through their veins.
Sustaining new life for the world to embrace.

They grace the world only for a season,
But for them a season is enough
Time to spread their kindness
Across the Earth.
They work in joyous succession
each and every day.
The hardest workers in the daintiest form.

But seasons change and the hearts of blood must go.
They have bled their last drops of dreams on the soil.
So hold their image in your mind
And the way your hearts beat together as one.
Nature and Man.

But do not fret when they succumb to the cold.
Their petals will dance to many more
songs as they rise from the soft ground.
A melody to make our spirits soar.

Transfix yourself to nature as one,
Above all else, let it be done.