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I'm From

Julie L. Vandekreke

Im from 65th court in Tinley Park, Illinois
Just a thousand miles away

Im from my dads TV tray
Full of ashes and cheeze-it crackers
Until lung cancer took
My only parent from my life

Im from black eyeliner and Aqua Net and
From contributing to the deterioration of the ozone layer,
And you know that story they tell you when youre a teenager
That someday when you grow up, youll stop breaking out
After eating a half a bag of sour cream and chive Lays
Potato chips?
They lied.

Im from Motley Crue
Vixen and Winger
Until I became older
And discovered Katy Perry.

Im from taking a road trip
With my former husband to Colorado
And finding out Id stay
For sixteen years.

Im from fifteen published stories
And a dozen poems
But still havent finished:
My memoir, my fantasy novel and my young adult novel,
all about a teenage girl
(but not all about me)

Im from "Im still too young to
Have this life," and,
"Im sorry for your loss."

Im from here. Now.
Swirling the sounds.