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Sometimes When the Earth is Peace

Kara Emily Krantz

Sometimes, if you look closely into the corners of my heart,
you will see a tiny ray of sunshine, threatening to burst
and create the sun.

Iīm crying here; desperate to comprehend the layers of my self.
Desperate to touch the edges of my existence,
and release myself
into the world.

To fling myself into the future with an abandon that is
reckless, passionate
and grounded in faith.

If you trace the curve of my smile,
you will find the secret to finding peace.
I want to dig my fingers deep into the moist earth,
and bring forth springtime and dandelions.

The smell of the wet green pulsating earth is my home.

In a cabin in the woods, I want to lay beside my love
and memorize the angles of his body
as one would a favorite quilt
or the lines to a cherished poem.

I want to recite the words each night, and in the morning
I will welcome the promise of dewdrops
and sweet orange pulp upon my lips.

One day, I will grow full with child
and I will hold Life in me,
as my fingers held clumps of moist, vibrating earth.
And love will spill from all the atoms in my body,
and my cup will overflow.

I will open the windows and the smell of moss and
sunshine will fill my home,
and my home will be peace and my peace will be love.

I will be simple like the riverīs flow,
and I will touch the earth with my bare hands,
and throw myself recklessly into the sunshine.