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Fish Arrival by Leslie Tribolet

Leah Broyde Abrahams Leah Broyde Abrahams

Leah Abrahams is a passionate photographer who supports her "habit" by writing memoirs and producing video biographies for her clients through Mixed Media Memoirs LLC (her website is under construction). She zeros in on photographic subject matter (e.g., tar "writing" on the pavement, moving lights) that many people never notice. While she likes to photograph abstract subjects Leah also creates fine photography of landscapes and and architecture. She asks: What is art and am I an artist?

Clem M. Bascar Clem M. Bascar

Clem M. Bascar is a columnist in the Zamboanga Today and Zambnonga Peninsula Journal. He has won First Place, National Poetry Contest jointly sponsored by the PRAMA Foundation, Inc. and the United Nations Information Center in the Philippines (2002). He lives in the Phillipines with his wife, and has three children.

Mark Berkery Mark Berkery

Mark was born to itinerant Irish parents which set the scene for a restless life. Like the Gypsy he couldn´t accept the moribund values of a soulless society, what passed for important or posed as spiritual. The resulting roller-coaster of experience and inner conflict eventually gave way to a love of the simple sense of nature that he now lives - the best he can - as a form of meditation. And expresses his ongoing exploration of nature´s spiritual value through his writing and pictures at

Christine A. Brooks Christine A. Brooks

Christine Brooks is a freelance writer who enjoys traveling the world for the perfect story, the perfect wave and the perfect beach side hammock to write down her thoughts. A graduate of Western New England College, she currently lives in Western Massachusetts with her family and very opinionated dog, Harley. Her second book, Letters to M, promises to be a one of kind memoir! Please visit Christine online at

Tara Lynne Brown Tara Lynne Brown

Tara Lynne Brown is a freelance writer residing in Cary, NC. She is the self-proclaimed "Carrie Bradshaw of the South." Instead of Manolos she wears hiking boots, and in lieu of cosmos she drinks sweet tea. Tara Lynne received a 2009 scholarship to attend the Southampton Writers Conference. She is currently penning a dark collection of interconnected short stories and has completed the manuscript for her first poetry chapbook themed around escape.

Joanne Cucinello Joanne Cucinello

Joanne Cucinello is a poet and writer, who to date has published three books of poetry and an illustrated Children´s Fairytale. Her works include lyric essays and free form poetry, often visionary and insightful. Joanne is a member of the Academy of American Poets and the Society of Children´s Book Writers and Illustrators. She has been published in "Shadows Ink Selected Poems 2008" and “A Splash of Verse 2008" with an Award of Excellence. Site:

Nancy Dietrich Nancy Dietrich

Nancy Dietrich has supported her writing habit as a parking attendant, veterinary nurse, Arabic teacher and equine drug dealer. She gained notoriety as a columnist for the UW-Seattle’s Herald in the early 90’s where readers hated and loved her in equally disturbing proportions. She now writes from a town no one has heard of, supported by her canine and cavy muses. She leaves her house only for chocolate and the occasional gallop on her black draft horse. She blogs at

Murray Dunlap Murray Dunlap

Murray Dunlap´s work has appeared in Virginia Quarterly Review, Post Road, Night Train, New Delta Review, Red Mountain Review, Silent Voices, The Bark, Mused, Fried Chicken and Coffee and many others. His stories have been twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, as well as Best New American Voices, and his first book, "Alabama," was a finalist for the Maurice Prize in Fiction. Pam Houston, Laura Dave, Michael Knight, and Fred Ashe taught him the art of writing.

Stacey Dye Stacey Dye

Stacey has a love for words. She is moved by music, inspirational quotes and poetry! Having written everything from poetry to ad copy, it wasn’t until 3 years ago that she began to pursue the art of poetry. Her primary focus is the human condition. Stacey lives with her husband Dennis and critters Izzy and Elly. Credits include Camroc Press, Touch, The Journal of Healing, Poor Mojo´s Almanac(k), Cafe Del Soul, Dew on the Kudzu, Sketchbook and is a previous contributor to Mused.

Lee Evans Lee Evans

Lee Evans was born in Maryland, spent most of his life in that state, and is currently living in Bath, Maine. His poems have appeared in such journals as Contemporary Rhyme, The Golden Lantern, The Road Not Taken and The Deronda Review. He has produced two poetry collections, Maryland Weather and Nor’easter, which are available on

Debi Gardiner Debi Gardiner

Even as a young child, Debi gravitated towards artistic pursuits. Photographing with her Kodak brownie camera at about 5 years of age and oil painting from age 10, her interests eventually lead her to college where she received a BFA in design, and a career in graphic design. Her company Gardiner Design is approaching 25 years in business. Specializing in logo design, illustration and web-design, Debi still enjoys oil painting and continues to hone her photography skills.

Lisa Hodges Lisa Hodges

Lisa is a New Zealander who now lives in Eastern Canada and it is there that she took up an interest in writing, under the guidance of an online friend who is a published poet. Not only was he instrumental in helping Lisa & her family make the decision to move halfway across the world, he also evidently saw that she had an affinity with words....or as he put it, she suffered from verbal diarrhea and needed an outlet in order to put them all into a legible context!

Leslie E. Hoffman Leslie E. Hoffman

Leslie Hoffman is a writer, freelance editor of fiction and non-fiction, editor of, landscape photographer, and co-founder of, a poetry workshop. Leslie´s poems, short stories, and articles have been published in magazines, newspapers, anthologies, and on the Web. More of her writing can be read at:

Molly LeGreve-Karjala Molly LeGreve-Karjala

As an artist and poet, Molly LeGreve-Karjala wishes to touch other´s souls; a task she finds quite daunting. She tries to capture those "aha!" moments in her life mainly with watercolor and ceramics. Through those mediums she visually recreates what she loves most — children, birds, flowers and other growing things of nature. These she offers to the world by visually saying, “Look, isn´t this wonderful?” If they cannot understand the wonder, then she has failed.

Jennifer Mills Kerr Jennifer Mills Kerr

Jennifer Mills Kerr is a writer and teacher living in the San Francisco Bay Area who loves to write about women and their predicaments. Her short stories and memoir have been most recently published in First Leaves, Women´s Voices, and Flashquake. You can read more of her work at She´d love to hear from you.

Matthew King Matthew King

Matt King is a fantastic procrastinator. As such, he will finish this bio later. In the meantime, you can catch up on his latest doings at, which includes information on his upcoming web serial, "Godsend."

Elizabeth Kray Elizabeth Kray

Elizabeth Kray has been writing poetry since childhood. She is a Florida native and lives in a small town by the Atlantic Ocean. Her poetry is a reflection of her perspective of life´s ordinary moments, which, she believes are what ultimately make life extraordinary.

Brittany LaMontagne Brittany LaMontagne

Brittany LaMontagne is an elementary school teacher from the mountains of North Carolina. Despite testing and standardization in the public school system, she strives to cultivate the innate poetry that hibernates in the creative imaginations of children. She values the complex interpersonal growth that comes from continual storytelling, funny jokes, listening, and rich literature in the classroom.

Matt "Evil" Matt "Evil"

Matt got his start by taking photos of skateboarding and then got into nature, bugs, flowers, etc. He has only been taking photos for a few months but is already great at it. Not much to say in the bio for now but he will get to it more when something interesting happens.

Stephanie Arwen Lynch Stephanie Arwen Lynch

Arwen also writes paranormal romance as Marilu Mann. She is the current president of the American Tarot Association. Writing since she was old enough to realize verbs and nouns created word pictures, Arwen uses poetry as a creative opener when she is stuck. As Marilu Mann, she is celebrating her seventh release, "Sex And Trouble." Visit Marilu at Seek joy, y´all.

Patricia Maulding Patricia Maulding

Patricia Maulding, aka, ´Poppet´, collects old books and silver spoons. She is a freelance artist, poet and photographer who secretly writes songs for the moon. You can find her work at:

Helen Peppe Helen Peppe

Helen Peppe is a writer and photographer. Her writing and images have appeared in books, anthologies, textbooks, and magazines, including Practical Horseman, Equine Journal, Dressage Today, Equus, Cats Magazine, Dog Fancy, and Dog World. Author of the Maine Stable Guide, A History of the State Theater, and former editor of the Eastern Equerry and Wordplay, Helen´s work has won awards, recently,1st Place in the Word Worth 2009 Essay and Fiction Contest.

Lorena Pina-Avina Lorena Pina-Avina

Lorena Piña-Aviña was born and raised in La Quinta, California. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Chapman University. While attending college she rediscovered her two passions, photography and writing. Currently she is working on a family novel based on her family´s perseverance in the early days of the Bracero program. Piña-Aviña is active in her outdoor photography of landscape views, family and friends.

Al Rollins Al Rollins

Al Rollins is a retired Local Government Budget Manager. Al loves to travel the USA with his wife, Janet, and photograph all the wonders of this great country.

B. Denise Roosendaal B. Denise Roosendaal

B. Denise Roosendaal is a freelance and creative writer. She is a student in the Johns Hopkins University Masters in Writing program and has studied at the Writers Center in Bethesda. She is an association executive during the day but writes at every opportunity. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Syracuse University Maxwell School. She is happily married and shares her home with two fat cats.

Zhaleh Sarduy Zhaleh Sarduy

Zhaleh Sarduy braves the suburbs with 3 devoted dogs, 3 indifferent cats and one loving husband who threatens to leave her if she brings another animal into the house. He has yet to confirm if this includes his family. She loves reading, international travel and shopping -- and the great thing about international travel is that you can do all three of these things at once! On a daily basis, Zhaleh´s husband inspires her to look forward to the future and her dogs remind her to live for today.

Maury Schulman Maury Schulman

Maury Schulman is passionate about nature photography and is outside with his camera whenever he isn´t teaching 7th grade science. A housefire displaced him from Fairbanks, Alaska and he landed in Tucson, Arizona (from one extreme to another). He lives with his wife Sherry, but has unleashed his children on the rest of the world in Alaska, Hawaii, and Oregon.

Donna Sciandra Donna Sciandra

Donna has always been adventurous and loved to travel. She spent 2 years in Jamaica (as a teacher trainer in Kingston) and 5 years in the Solomon Islands on Guadalcanal (as a Community Developer in a rain forest living in a leaf house) with the Peace Corps. Donna is now a retired elementary school teacher who is enjoying her “free” time traveling and photographing North America.

Andrew R Sciandra Andrew R Sciandra

Andrew is a retired Alternative High School Art Teacher.

Bob See Bob See

Bob See has been actively interested in photography for many years. He enjoys taking images of air shows, wildlife, and landscapes. The camera used for all photos was a Canon SX10 IS with 10-megapixel resolution. Bob can be reached at his golfing site at

Lisa Shea Lisa Shea

Lisa relishes the challenge of conveying meaning and memorable characters in a limited amount of time and space. She is drawn to the ocean and has spent many quiet evenings watching the sun set over docks and fishing boats. Her stories, poems, and images are often full of natural beauty and peaceful serenity. She also enjoys the expansive possibilities of sci-fi writing. You can enjoy thousands of her photos at

Anita Simpson Anita Simpson

Anita Simpson is a freelance writer who focuses on non-fiction, but also enjoys writing fiction and poetry. She is a past BellaOnline editor, and has also published on the web via Suite101 and Associated Content. Anita is an avid digital scrapbooker. You can view her scrapbook layouts at; there is a link to her writing site as well.

Karen Sorbello Karen Sorbello

Karen Sorbello enjoys living in Kodak moments and is an artist at heart. Karen hopes you´ll stop by her website at and say hello!

Angelika Teuber Angelika Teuber

Angelika is an internationally published poet who followed her dream of writing after she had moved to the United States from Germany. She loves poetry deeply and found like-minded people in the Triangle area (NC) with whom she cultivates the art. Angelika founded the non-profit group Living Poetry organizing local readings, workshops, book club, prompts, flyers and group events ( She is also a member of the North Carolina Poetry Society.

Danielle Trent Danielle Trent

Danielle Trent is currently an undergrad working on her double major in English and Psychology. Her most recent work is freelance for Danielle is an amateur novelist, a published poet, and a haphazard columnist. In her free time, Danielle enjoys observing and taking part in the anomalous and the absurd ritual that is human nature. This complex and fascinating subject usually stems as inspiriation for her poetry.

Leslie Tribolet Leslie Tribolet

Leslie Tribolet lives on Kauai with her husband and animals. She studied at Santa Barbara Art Institute back in the 70’s concentrating on pencil portraits. She was introduced to the Genesis Heat Set Paints in 2007 and loved them because they are dried with heat, which speeds up the process of portrait painting. She has always been drawn to faces, so she decided to try her hand at painting them with Genesis with some good results. She hopes you enjoy what she does whether faces or fruit.

Ann Waller Noriss Van Fleet
After having dabbled a bit in both acting and broadcasting, it wasn´t until she´d discovered the sheer magic of seeing her words come alive on the printed page that she´d found her voice and fully realized her true creative expression. Soon to be completed is a romance novel that spans several continents with hints of the para-normal and a touch of intrigue. As well as a collection of short stories.

Ann Waller Ann Waller

Making her first ocean voyage at the age of 5, Ann is an inveterate traveler. Her wanderlust has taken her to various parts of the U.S., Canada, both coasts of Mexico, the islands of the Caribbean, England, France, Portugal, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Monaco, Croatia, Montenegro, China, Hong Kong, and Ukraine. She has a particular fondness for Italy and has returned at least a dozen times to explore the country from the tip of the Alps to the southern shores of Sicily.

Joanna M. Weston Joanna M. Weston

Joanna M. Weston has had poetry, reviews, and short stories published in anthologies and journals for twenty five years. Her middle-reader, ‘Those Blue Shoes´, was published by Clarity House Press. Her poetry, ‘A Summer Father’, was published by Frontenac House of Calgary.

Jody Zolli Jody Zolli

Jody Zolli has enjoyed writing poetry since she was 7. Poetry runs in the family, though, as both her mother and grandmother wrote poetry, and had a knack for doggerel verse. Jody has enjoyed being a technical writer for 25 years, and feels it is the perfect marriage between creative writing and engineering.

Purnendu Chatterjee
Purnendu Chatterjee is a research scholar and teacher. His areas of interests are postcolonial, subaltern and gender studies. Purnendu has been awarded the Issac Sequeira Memorial Award, 2010 by the Multi Ethnic Literature of the United States, India Chapter for excellence in critical writing. He has published verses in many national and international print and electronic journals.

Torre A. DeVito
Torre DeVito is a contemporary poet and the author of several books including “poetry juice” and “landscape of my childhood”. Torre´s poetry is about rights of interpersonal relationships and is full of metaphors and imagery taken from the natural world.

Richard Dowling
Richard Dowling was born in London but now lives in Northern Spain, which provides the inspiration for much of his poetry. He also enjoys writing fiction and his work has appeared online in Quantum Muse and Antipodean SF. Two of his short stories have been accepted for a themed anthology featuring tales inspired by songs. Right now, he´s working on a novel.

Stacy Ann Link
Stacy lives with her cat Buster in the high desert of Southern California. She got her start writing poetry shortly after she moved here. She could see the stars at night, follow the earth´s movement during the seasons by where the sun was rising and setting, and hear the birds. In the open spaces and calm, she could remember people saying pretty much all her life how well she wrote. She decided to start listening.

Bruce McRae
Bruce McRae is a Canadian musician with hundred of publications to his name. His first book, The So-Called Sonnets, comes out in September with Silenced Press. His website is:

Armond Richards
Armond Richards doesn´t have much to say, or rather he never knows the message until after it has been delivered. Maybe you can read things in what he has written that he could never imagine. Wouldn´t that be fun?

Catherine Van Herrin
Catherine Van Herrin is a native of Atlanta. She is a freelance editor, writer, and poet.

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