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Creater Lake by Al Rollins

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I am so glad I took Lisa Shea´s advice to read the PDF version of the latest issue of "Mused." She was right: it is gorgeous. In fact, I took her friendly advice one step further and ordered a print copy of the issue. Again, I am so glad I did. It was a case when the object needed to be held in your hand to be truly appreciated. The layout and juxtaposition of text and art is exquisite.
-- TT

[Dyan deNapoli Interview] Thank you, Lisa, for interviewing Dyan - and thank you, Dyan, for being a woman in a million and true inspiration!

The range of insight shared here is invaluable, and brought me to tears too, in contemplating the massive scale of the Treasure disaster, so intimately expressed in Dyan´s words.

Warmest regards from a fellow penguin lover in SA,
-- Naomi

[Regrets from a Nicotine Addict] I truly enjoyed this article. Thank you for finally seeing some of the reality people who cared and loved you had seen all along. This had to be done in your time and your way to be successful. I am so proud and truly amazed by the way you express yourself on paper. Keep up the good work you will always have a fan in me I truly enjoy reading what you have to say. Take care. Much love to you.
-- Lex

[Dragonfly] The artist´s capturing of the lace work in the dragonfly´s wings is amazing and beautiful. This one is something I could stare at for hours in someone else´s home... but couldn´t live with in my own. (Not a bug fan.)
-- Ginny

[Rah Rah] Moore uses humor and insight to document scenes that take place in American homes week after week, season after season, year after year. Excellent choice.
-- sommers

[Colored Girl] I really enjoyed the use of color in this poem. I grew up in the 60s and felt like I was there. Thank you for an important theme delivered with an even-flowing, beautiful voice.
-- patricia

[A Heart Like Pluto] This is brilliant! I am agog at all the twists and turns that weave this whole story together. Reading it, I can relate to so many small moments and ironies. The things we think, but never say. Vicki, thank you! More, more!
-- ruth

[Confirmation of Light] This is lovely! The balance and blending of colors is quite wonderful. I would have titled it "Affirmation of Light". It does more than confirm.
-- Ginny

[Sunrise from a Hospital Window] I love the multiple layers in this poem. How you subtly equate the dove w/IV, how your own view out the window is similar to a bird´s view, how the girl equates to the dove at the end. Well-rendered and smart! Congratulations!
-- Paul

[Daphne: Reflections on Pursuit] This ´craving to be craved´ seems to have been programed in our genes, ready to bloom in the springtime of our youth . . . the deepest need to be craved, and the deeper need to be loved. Your poem is sterling, Nicole . . . and oh so poignant!
-- Joanne

[Joanne Cucinello - In Her Own Words] Beautifully expressed. Yes, Joanne,you are a weaver of images and tales. Sometimes you astound me! I am truly blessed to be your sister. Love,
-- Judy

[The Composition of a Lie] I love the way you tell your tale. I think everyone has a similar type experience in their past. Very good writing!
-- Charlotte

[The Composition of a Lie] Thanks Rachel for your story. You really capture the heart in your throat feeling that comes with living scenes like this!
-- KJ

[The Composition of a Lie] I wish I could have read this piece when I was in 6th grade, the year before I started Junior High. So moving, open and honest. Wonderful piece.
-- Debra

[The Composition of a Lie] This story has a more interesting ending than most of this ilk. It´s an example of truth being stranger or at least more varied than fiction. Love the fact that the good girl Jessica that is falls from grace because that is how it usually is in real life.
-- winston´s mom

[The Composition of a Lie] This essay was brilliant. The scent of hairspray & JC Penny perfume... The pretty girl we all wanted to be in High School, the desire to belong. The description. WOW. looooooooooved it!!!!!!!!!
-- kim

[Eggs ala Goldenrod] What a unique idea! The end of one life cycle and the beginning of the next in fabulous shapes and colors that only Nature could think of. Bravo!
-- Ginny

[Eggs ala Goldenrod] Nice work! I eggspected eggs, of course, but I can see how your title might have come about!
-- Karen

Editor Note: The PDF and print copies are limited in the feedback space available. The rest of the feedback below are only found in this online HTML version. Enjoy!

[Eggs ala Goldenrod] Breathtaking...
-- Griggs

[Eggs ala Goldenrod] Beautiful! What an eye!
-- anon

[Eggs ala Goldenrod] Fabulous!
-- anon

[Misplaced] This is a wonderful poem. I like how color ties the main theme together.
-- patricia

[Misplaced] a girl out of place with her angles and lope, a girl meant for running through canyons past soaring cliff walls of red obsidian. stunning visual...
-- stacey

[Sun Kissed] So Utterly romantic! Just beautiful!
-- Joanne

[Sun Kissed] oh, yes... gorgeous. i love this. i want to be the one with the tiny diamonds on my thighs.
-- Kim

[Pearls] Wow, I really loved this poem. It´s dramatic, beautiful and I love the analogy of pearls being formed through grating hardship. Stunning.
-- Zhaleh

[Pearls] Very vivid imagery and fresh metaphors.
-- TC

[Sanctuary] This is magnificent artwork! Can it be purchased to be used for cover art? (Ed note: We have forwarded your request along to artist James McDonald).
-- Ruthe

[Sanctuary] This is quite exceptional, almost ghost (spirit) like appearance.
-- ned

[Leaving The Shore] it´s dark and disturbing....and that´s a good thing.
-- stevie

[Leaving The Shore] Amazing image with the 18 year old girl and old woman. And I love the different line lengths.
-- anon

[Freedom of Speech - Acrostic] WOW! Powerful and inspiring to all who long for our freedoms.
-- Joanne

[Bread] Beautiful Stacey, I have read and enjoyed your poetry for some time now. This feels so connected to everything that matters to me, it feels like a hymn to nature.
-- arm

[Untitled II / Aneta Cruz] What a lovely poem, such a good metaphor for the writing process. It certainly speaks to me. Thank you, and keep writing!
-- Samantha

[Control] Gritty, interesting... filled with a sense of passionate clarity... I love it...
-- jam

[Citrus Smiles and Kisses] Great poem capturing a beautiful moment with refreshing sounds and smells. Plus it rhymes well!
-- Rachel

[Insomnia] I love it! Excellent work! Bravo!
-- Charlotte

[A Young Bud´s Fancy] "i bat my eyes at bees... from barren winter to juicy spring...." vibrant!
-- stacey

[Radical] A lighthearted, encouraging message. The formatting fits the poem perfectly.
-- wasuee

[Point A to Point B] I love your wording, your unique comparisons, and I love the way you follow through with your metaphors and create complete pictures.
-- tc

[Tapestry Purse Detail] Love this! from a fabric/collage artist.
-- Karen

[Cecelia´s Rapture] Beautiful. She captures the feeling eloquently.
-- Diane

[Prince Of Light] Love the bugs!!!!
-- Karen

[Colors Of Earth] Lovely art work ...
-- sk21

[Blown Glass] Beautiful poem hinting at the playfulness of the spirit even after death.
-- Rachel

[The Coward] strong and evocative... powerful work!
-- stacey

[Venus] Cool idea! A painting of a sculpture!
-- anon

[Rainbow Promise] WOW! (I said it out loud when I saw this!)
-- Connie

[Neon Blue Delight] I´d like to know the names of the insects and flowers.
(Ed note: This is a Emerald Cuckoo Wasp)
-- Mikki

[Waiting] Nice poem. Very strong. Nice ending, sort of a surprise.
-- CK

[Breathe] Love it, would have left out the three ´and´ only small point, very refreshing. thanks
-- John

[Spring 2010 issue] Awesome photos!
-- Laura

[Spring 2010 issue] What a wonderful way to be able to enjoy many persons´ literary works
-- Marilyn

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