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Disturb The Prey Of The Owl

Jeff Bell

Times gnarled twisted hands
Holding so tight,
The futility of trying to break free
As protestor in riot police grasp.
Slow motion always will be
The privilege of the young
And I understand now being told
"We had that work done three years ago"
Cable colours telling me obsolete for many more.
Now babies don“t require time to grow
And the purgatory of the working day,
Replaced by Friday pretending to be Thursday.
Life“s slow journey to top of roller coaster ride
A distant memory as you ready yourself,
To leave your seat for next paying customer.
This reminds me, on asking my father as a child
"Are you scared to die?"
"Why no son!" came his reply,
"Can you imagine working for a million years?"
He told me there and then
Toil was worse than death.
There“s only one solution
And it works,
Learn to live without sleep,
Become a hammer drill with two batteries,
Create noise night and day,
Disturb the prey of the owl
Whilst ignoring the eyes trying to close.

"6 quiet hours,
12 pm to 6 am,
Very good condition
Hardly ever used,
Will sell separately
Can pick up,
Price to pay including postage and packing,
£££ Exhaustion! $$$

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