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Drone Fly by Mark Berkery

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The Stairway - This is a gorgeous photo of a stairwell! I love the lighting and the perspective, not to mention the focal point! Great work ~ Props to the artist!

The Stairway - Breathtaking photo!

Now, Listen To Me - This is one of the best wildlife pictures I've ever seen, and, I have to admit, I am really surprised to find it in a literary magazine. Where else can I find more pictures by this photographer?

Soulmates - Such a fascinating gathering of photos! Thank you for sharing them and lifting hearts in these times of so many negative images!

Goat Tree - I visited the Argan Women's cooperative in Morocco, so it was great to see how the nuts are "gathered."

3 Generations - The colors seem sharp and soft at the same moment. Nice work!

Rush Hour Commute - Gorgeous!

Independent - Beautiful.

Independent - I really enjoyed the story - the feeling of the setting was very real. I related to trying over in a city that I loved. Nice ending, nicely presented.

The Wedding Gift - a lovely story, beautifully written.

To Friend Or Not To Friend - Loved the story and can't wait to read more.

To Friend Or Not To Friend - Wonderful story! Brought tears to my eyes and I desire in my heart to serve more also.

An Old Box of Antiques - A touching retelling of a story that cannot be told too many times over.

Paper Dolls - Another precious story about the memories of childhood and how we as adults can be inspired to create memories for our children and grandchildren

A Murder - The imagery of longing and our jealousy for the flocking of crows is beautiful and haunting all at once. I love this poem!

Beware - Absolutely amazing!

Katya - Chilling.

Pompeii - I love this poem by Elizabeth.

Spring - Love the simplicity.

To Fill Your Soul With Hosannah... - That is so wonderful. I could feel the peace and tranquility in my soul through your images.

To Fill Your Soul With Hosannah... - I think I'm feelin' a little bit of that Hosannah right now! =)

Villanelle: Ozark Dust - What a beautiful villanelle, and what a testimony to the circle of life. Love the "red dust of their ancestors," don't love but do accept that as long as there are humans, there will be "tomorrow's war."

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