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TIny Frog by Carole Bouchard

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At Last - For such a short story, the three characters are amazingly well developed. By the end I knew how each one thought and felt. I could see their faces and hear their different voices. The last line brilliantly summed up the plot. ~Lenore

At Last - This is a great story!!! ~Pierre

Voices - Excellent article. The only thing that I really did not already know was about the voices starting so early. I also was not aware that the alters in a DID diagnosis would talk to you in your head like that. You are a very brave, courageous woman and I commend you for stepping out in faith to continually search for the answers about your actions and feelings that you so earnestly desire. I'm so very proud of you. But I wish I had been able to understand or at least sought to find out more of what caused your obvious pain and anxiety. God only knows how hurt I have been to realize I could have changed things for you. I pray you can forgive me and realize that I sincerely tried to do my best for you and still do. Luv Ya' Bunches, ~carrol

Green Bug on Orange - Mark creates such stunning combinations of color and emotion. He reminds us that beauty can be found in the most unexpected of places. ~Lisa

Atlantic Puffin - A "look forward to" pleasure with each new issue. So much talent on display. ~George

A Sevenling - I really like this! I wish reason hadn't won the day ;) ~stacy

Cowboy Camp - I love your use of the ninette form. I can picture the scene vivdly. ~joann

Cross Pollination - Beautiful! ~stacy

Currently Registered - I love this poem--especially the way the theme is expressed in the next to last stanza. You're so right: We need a little mystery--shouldn't always let logic rule. ~Janice

Redwood Quatrain - I love this poem. Leslie Hoffman is very talented! ~Toni

Scottish Clearances - Excellent poem and use of images! I love poems and stories about Scotland. You captured the bitter legacy of the Clearances. ~Virginia

Sugar and Spice - "takes her share of the cargo hold". This resonates for me, throughout the poem with growing up "as told" and then, unprepared, going through the motions of meeting one's needs and learning that one needs to move on. Well done! ~Eileen

The Sunlight Whispers Spring - "The Sunlight Whispers Spring" is so inspiring. I can smell and see the flowering fiends under the warm sun. Thank you to Stacy Ann Link for sharing. ~Claude

The Sunlight Whispers Spring - Beautiful poem! And as someone coming out of the depths of a brutal winter, it particularly speaks to me. Lovely, evocative imagery. I especially love "..the fragrance of warming earth drizzling snow-melt on her garland tresses" Love it.. ~Natalie

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