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Out of the Mist by Verne L. Thayer

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What You Are Saying
Wintery Wonderment - Absolutely stunning! ~Susan Branded Clothes and Fake Smiles - 'The later the realisation occurs, the bitter it is.' And the written piece is worth the laud. ~Navjot S.

Mean, Old Bastard - Wow. wow! A story which penetrates how barren a closed heart can be, when a cranky old man needs to care for another then another during crisis, but his heart in panic shrivels yet more. Still, something, something is still struggling for life in that heart, which misery, and the ever present need of others resuscitates. He goes from pathetic to repulsive, yet we find ourselves, even unwillingly, identifying with him. ~Rita

Pals - Loved this wonderful story. Beautifully written and so true to life. Ruth Deming is the brilliant founder of New Directions, a free outreach program for those dealing with Bi-Polar and mood disorders. ~Fredarose

The Missing Neighbor - Fun story; reminiscent of real life. I always enjoy reading Gregory Kompes' writing. ~Leslie

To Jennifer - Stunning, envious of the relationship, grateful it is so beautifully shared. ~George

Tsunami - Amazing story! The reader becomes a part if it whether willing or unwilling. Skillfully penned! I could feel Her kiss on his forehead. ~Stevie

You Could Come Live With Me! - I'm fairly familiar with Ted's writing and in this he in no way lets himself down. Lovely little quizzical hook at the end. Basically, though, it's people trying to help people. More of this would be good - worldwide. ~Ted

Dan Kellerīs Onions - A charming poem! And very well done. ~Lee

If Nature Could Talk - This is incredibly clever! I have not heard of this author- but please send my highest regards! ~Sarah

Introverts – LOVE this one! ~Robin

Mystic Glen - Fabulous, poignant poem ~Martha