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Out of the Mist by Verne L. Thayer

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A Sort of Annunciation

Ted G

OK, so she was his second wife and OK, perhaps genetically they were a teeny bit too close. OK, she had to put up with her husbandís two kids by his deceased first wife. OK, she had lost her first three children; this was not that unusual in times of primitive medicine. And finally, OK, so he knocked her about a bit; most husbands did this.

He was rude, he stank, and had few graces in bed. His love making was more of a blitzkrieg Ė he worked in Customs and wore a uniform, for Godís sake. But she was a good wife and suffered these tribulations with resignation.

Tonight, though, tonight, she just knew something was happening. The old feeling was there again and as Alois yawned and began to snore Klara gently caressed her stomach. This one, she was certain, would be a boy. And he would be famous.

Mothers know that sort of thing.