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Out of the Mist by Verne L. Thayer

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Broken Dolls

Libia A Quintero Goncalves

Dedicated to all children of war.

Like broken dolls, you lie there
with incredulous eyes, looking toward Heaven,
demanding an answer that will never come.

Your laughter of little bells, we’ll hear no more.
nor will your little arms ever embrace us again,
your quick jumping little steps
no longer will dance the earth, ever again.

Someone without compassion snatches our future -
They cover the earth with death and the heart with mourning.
there is no hope for mankind when it reaches
the degradation point of breaking the children.

Ay, to the land that gave birth to the murderers.
Ay, the vile man who committed the outrage.
Ay, to us that continue undeterred,
Ay, to our children- what is their legacy?