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Rain or Shine?

Susan P. Blevins

Every time it rains
I think of bloody England.
Dreary, drizzly, depressing island.
What the heck!
Forget the check!
Just swill your beer
Dont shed a tear.

Im leaving soon
Im over the moon
On the ferry
Feeling merry.
Look out Italy
Here I come.

Wine, love, song,
This is where I belong.
Macaroni, rigatoni,
Tagliatelle e crespelle,
Yes to life in sunny Italy
No to thinking bitterly.

Sunshine, pines of Rome,
Appia Antica, this is home.
Piazza Venezia, Pantheon,
Villa Borghese, Colisseum
Bring it on
I want a song.

Im in love
With all of the above
Skip the beer and bring me wine
Lets have lunch till dinnertime,
Make love till were out of time.

Italy my Italy.
You stole my heart
Im yours, Im yours,
Till death us do part.