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Remembering My Grandfather

Nadeera Rajapakse

I remember lying in bed
The night you were at the hospital
Fighting for your life
Thinking nothing prepares you for this.
Suddenly your loved ones gone
And nothing matters anymore.

I used up my birthday wish that year
Way ahead of time
Praying that you would be all right.
But I guess
In that dark corner of my mind
I always knew that this was it.

I remember humming the next day
Pretending like it was okay
But it wasnt
It never will be.
I still miss you
Every day.

During the funeral wake
I asked myself,
What happens after this?
What do you do when your loved ones die?
I know the answer now,
You move on
And accept that death is a part of life.

But that doesnt mean it hurts any less.
Ive spent days,
Waking up with tears streaming down my cheeks
Just because I dreamt Ive hugged you
For that one last time.

I wont be able to see your eyes crinkle
When you smile
Or your dimples
When you laugh
But as long as Im around
Ill keep the memory alive.

Dedicated in loving memory of my grandfather, Mr. R. A. Janis (1922 - 2011)