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Out of the Mist by Verne L. Thayer

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Silent A

Nicole Long

They call me Silent A—
Who am I? They ask and don´t ask
Slithering into a discussion about
School, politics, what happened on the news—
While everyone gazes for a reaction,
Do they look concerned? What are they thinking? Do they know?
But you can´t seem to get out of the dazed,
Confused state I put you in.

I come when you least expect it—
In the middle of a bar,
The music pumping, juices flowing
Through your body.
The heart starts pounding,
Panic sets in like a
Storm crossing the horizon.
You look around, making sure no one notices.

In the middle of the night—
3am as silence fills the air,
Coming off of sleep meds and
Mixture of Vodka Tonics and Merlot,
Anything to keep the mind
At an altered state of nowhere and beyond.
But I’m screaming at you,
The toxicity won’t keep me away.

I´m the one who kills—
Friendships, relationships, your purified mind
Keeping you away from what you love,
What you don´t love.
Standing in that darkened corner,
Waiting for that next high off of me.
They call me Silent A—
You can´t see me, they can´t see me, but I see you.