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Out of the Mist by Verne L. Thayer

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Spring Song

Frank Tropea

Snow piles are rapidly vanishing -
The new spring rains wash and melt
Them all away -
Gray clouds are replaced by
Golden, radiant sunshine,
Green stalks of many plants
Push and inch their way
Through a winter-hardened soil,
Spring arrives in glorious beauty
Of warmth and sunlight and azure skies
With white, fleecy clouds,
An endless panorama
Of life and warmth and growth
Spring is here, ears enraptured
With sweet bird song -
Suddenly makes us feel
Young again even if
One is old with
Many cold winters
Stored inside one´s soul -
Spring arrives on a
Tired, worn-out earth -
Forget the winter
Or the sweltering heat
Of the coming summer -
Simply enjoy the spring
And where two lovers laid,
Enjoy the spring,
Forgetful of the
Debt of rapture,
And each debt
Must be repaid.