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Out of the Mist by Verne L. Thayer

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Sarah Henry

Sometime early in life,
we learn the starfish
can regenerate an extra
leg if one is cut off.
This sounds like
an awesome gift,
like being able to
walk through walls
or getting up the courage
to tell the neighbor
you broke her clothes prop.
At ten, you have already
caused enough trouble.

Swimming at the shore
is different from anything
else. The air smells
like birds and salt and
damp clouds moving in.
It smells like starfish.

You keep a starfish
in a plastic bucket
with sand.
You love the perfect,
five prong shape,
which reminds you
of the stars
on your bedroom
ceiling at home, those
happy constellations.

The legs stop moving.

A dying starfish
in a plastic bucket
smells like earthworms
after the rain.