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We Need More Whimsy

Wayne Scheer

We need more whimsy,
more people wearing bells on their shoes
and feathers in their hats,
more jugglers, clowns and acrobats
somersaulting down a gray city street
squirting water at young men in ties
with hair greased back,
and at women, leaning in,
their heels clicking like egg timers.

We need to skip down the street, not jog,
thank strangers for not killing whales,
wear silly wigs and funny noses,
compose knock knock jokes late into the night
and sell them at craft fairs,
skate down the street wearing nothing
but a green florescent strip on our bare asses
stating, “Made in America.”

We need more whimsy, I say,
but I wear blue jeans and black T-shirts,
I donīt own a hat with a feather,
I wouldnīt dare squirt a stranger
and I havenīt skipped in years.