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-- sandrajg

The Male Approval Syndrome [by PJ Campbell] - Fall Equinox Issue 2008

Praise to this writer! I have been married to all four of her husbands, but, with one man. It became so clear to me after reading her story why I married the man I did and stayed with him for 40 years.
-- ccbarrett

I too was in a relationship (marriage) that I was expected to do everything in the house, manage two daughters and all their activities. My spouse was an airline pilot, and believe me, they are a special needs breed of men. He refused to have his uniform shirts done by the cleaners, so I had to starch and do his shirts, and believe me if they were not perfect I heard about it. I also shined his shoes!! I was an airline stewardess in the 60's and believe me working 1st class with all the business men back then, demands were made on me. There was an incident that took place where one of the men got drunk and thought he could put his hands all over me, the Captain wired ahead to San Francisco to have the police meet the aircraft, only to find out after the authorities spoke with the men and the airlines - I was forced to write an apology letter to them.

I am happy to say I am now married to a wonderful man who worships the ground I walk on. In 18 years of marriage I have never cleaned a bathroom or done any heavy house work.

So there is hope to find a good man - just let the man know right up front that there are things you will not be doing for him and if he doesn't like it move on.

Thanks for the great article, it has been much overdue to bring these issues out. In closing, I just want it noted that my daughters are married to men that take as much responsibility of the home as they do and everything is shared.
-- wizardofoz

Windows to the West - Fall Equinox Issue 08

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy Jill and Dan Florio's photography in the current issue of Mused Literary Magazine as well as past issues. It is spectacular. I don't get out of Michigan much and really appreciate the window to the west! Really amazing stuff! Keep it coming.
-- debbonam

Diversity in Poetry

Having just read a lot of the poetry in your fall 2008 issue, I'm, alas, disappointed. Unfortunately, in order for me to be able to enjoy a poem I must, at the very least, understand it. If I understand a poem, it will extract from me an emotional response of some sort. I can't understand what most of the poems 'you' publish mean, so the only response most of them elicit from me is a flat...'huh?'

I'm convinced that as long as editors (such as yourself) have no clue or inclination whatsoever as to what the hell a poem is about, they then almost instinctively assume that it is extremely well-crafted, highly intellectual and worthy of publication.

Poetry is no longer popular in this country. Hmmm...I wonder why. Could it be because most of it is nothing but pseudo-intellectual gobbledygook?


-- Francis X. Reilly (Frank)

[Editor's note: Thank you for your honest feedback, Frank! We do have a full team of Poetry reviewers who jury every submission, and the team decides which entries are most appropriate for each issue. For the large part, we've seen many accolades for our high selection standards in the genre! That said, all art is still, appropriately, subjective to the critical mind of the reader. I hope we have poems that are more to your liking in this issue.]

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