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Cool Water Spring

Ilya Shambat

Your soul is a cool water spring on a hot summer day
Bathing my heart with your soothing caressing resplendor;
In it are ripples and ponds and from miles away
It pours upon me - your gentleness, kindness, candor -

Washing away all the agony and the dirt
Washing away all that is untrue and polluted
Taking away all the nastiness, pain and hurt
And livening my heart with your fantastic beauty.

Your soul that dissolves all world´s harshness, but is herself pure -
Your soul, so spectacular and so precious!
Dressing yourself with external and inner allure -
Pouring under the rock, till it bursts, till it crashes!

Your soul is a cool water spring - in it, truth of life
Glimmers and shimmers and plays in your quintessence:
In it, Eternal and You are made whole, and together they strive
To bathe all the world in your cool and caressing liquescence.

And then as the river will flow, to become ocean waves -
Bathing the corals and sands and the swimming creatures:
Bringing along with itself all the substance Life craves
And then becoming Life´s substance as well as Her teacher:

Into the clouds, and the rain, and the ocean mist -
There to create its embodiment and completeness!
Coursing through everything, allowing life to exist -
Passionate truth and the substance of all existence!

Your soul is a cool water spring - a spring storm -
And in its highest embodiment - a sun shower:
Water illumined by light; soft, transparent, and warm -
Greetings to you, O spectacular soul from down under!

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