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The King and I by Karen Sorbello

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The colours of this [Fall 2009] month´s issue are lovely, autumn colours no doubt. The Iris is an ancient symbol of the rainbow, colours of the royal road between Heaven and Earth we all must travel. There can´t be long to go now. :) It is obvious a lot of work and skill goes into the making of Mused and I acknowledge Thee, through you. Very well done guys!
-- BeingMark

I am simply amazed and thoroughly enjoying your mag and the photos are absolutely stunning. Thank You very much!
-- PatTom22

I LOVE the poem Rain Dance by Stacey Dye!
-- DavisCLC

Very good reading, Little Green Frog, by Jancarl Campi
-- Lori

Tammy Brown´s "Your Face Etched Upon My Skin", was so beautiful and summed up exactly my thoughts about the loss of my own son, and yet I could never have put such feelings into words. Thank you.
-- Edwina

The Dance [by Patricia Palmer Hurd] made me cry - so sad, so hopeful, so poignant. Thank you.
-- Morgan

omg, "A September Afternoon" by Lori Bernard was surprising, ironic, and lovely. I appreciated the character´s novel erupting into existence. Every sentence captured me. Very nice work, Lori! "Dog Day Afternoon" [by Nancy Lynn Dietrich] was superb! Fabulous writing. "Poetry For Someone I Loved" by Dr. Merin Kuruvilla is heartbreaking. I love it! oh, my heart filled with delight reading "Prague" by Aneta Cruz. How lovely! How sensual!
-- SiamMuse

A September Afternoon [by Lori Bernard] is an excellent read. It is sensitive with a surprising ending.
-- darof76

Bar Harbor Souvenir by Beverly Denise Nebb Roosendaal - What a wonderful descriptive and created a feeling, an atmosphere, as I was reading. Thank you for my moment of peace.
-- Cindy

What a wonderful story. It was all that I could do to not skip and peek to the end. Thanks for the opportunity to read.
-- Nan

Very nice magazine! I liked "Untitled" [by Lisa Shea]
-- Carl

Is there a way to read the feedback submitted on a specific piece?
-- DNebb

From the Editors: All feedback received is published in the subsequent issue, in this "Feedback from our Visitors" area!

It would be nice to know how much it will cost to subscribe. I have to budget everything very carefully, though your magazine looks and sounds great.
-- Sandoani

From the Editors: The issues are all free online! You can even read the fully formatted PDFs online, for free!

Only the print issue costs money, and that is the base, cheapest price Lulu has available. We don´t make any profit, the price you see is the raw printing cost Lulu charges to print an issue. You can see that here!

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