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Kooki Kool 2 by Mark Berkery

Table of Contents


A Brush With Infinity by Purnendu Chatterjee
Artifice by Amanda Daly
Beachcombing by Michael Harty
Bush Camping, 2009 by Ella Joseph
Dream Catcher´s Departure by Sue Russell
Forecast (a dorsimbra) by Lois Elaine Heckman
Hardly Wonderland by Sue Russell
Hesperus and Salome by Jude
Hospital Haiku by Christine Amezquita
I Swallowed Hope That Year by Kristin Roedell
In the Produce Aisle at Ninety by Michael Harty
Kindling by Samantha Hunt
Lost Continents by Sandy Benitez
Migration by Stacey Dye
MORNING by Joanna M. Weston
No Longer Wolves by Rob Spiegel
November Tree by Samantha Hunt
Oak Grove Cemetery by Lee Evans
Off the Keys in the Red Witch by Dennis Maulsby
Oh Italy, There Are Blackberries by Phibby Venable
Out of the Cage by Ella Joseph
Pencil by Samantha Hunt
Species Shift by Dennis Maulsby
Subterranean by Patty Cole
Sun Catcher by Stacey Dye
Surcease by Michael Harty
The Cradle by Terry Michelsen
The Gardener by Joanna M. Weston
The Guardian Ego by Lois Elaine Heckman
The Tempest by Sandy Benitez
This Time November by Phibby Venable
Toward Place by Rob Spiegel
Viral Clarity by Rob Spiegel
Waiting to Buy Tickle Me Elmo by Kristin Roedell
Watertown Square in December by Vicki J. Vogt
Where Children Play by Christine Amezquita


No Piece of Cake by Coral Kelly Ragognetti
One, Please by Neleigh Olson
Sharing Onions by Jefferson Rowland


730 Days by Coral Kelly Ragognetti
Breach by D. Cooper Ho
Dorothea by Rebecca Clay Haynes
Ethiopian Heartache by Cynthia Weitz
Out of the Mist by Margaret Rumford
Tadpoles by Nicola Belte
The Gift by Radha Bantwal



The Magic of Photography by Lisa Shea

Art and Photography

Kooki Kool 2 by Mark Berkery
Lady of the Morning by Mark Berkery
A Princely Fellow - Gis’ a kiss? by Mark Berkery
Bright Yellow Spotted Blossom by Rachelle Crockett
Panoramically Pink by Rachelle Crockett
Froggy Fun by Rachelle Crockett
Big, Bold & Beautiful by Maury Schulman
Windows in Snow Lace by Lisa Shea
The Turning by Donna Sciandra
Gull Fly-by by Maury Schulman
Rain Over Oil by Eleanor Leonne Bennett
Wild Honey Suckle by Rachelle Crockett
Kooki Kool by Mark Berkery
Lady of the Morning 2 by Mark Berkery
Thread of Beauty by Tabitha Bird
Shell with Holes by Lisa Shea
Jeweled Flowers by Maury Schulman
Before Sun-up in the Desert by Kim Rumford
Solitude by Al Rollins
Bridge Shadow by Duncan Madaris Hill
Naea by Leslie Tribolet
Arizona Sky by Bob See
Oyster Thief by Lisa Shea
Misty Winter Morning by Leah Abrahams
Night Lights Reno NV by Al Rollins
Jewel Drop by Rachelle Crockett
Frosty Tree by Betty Jo Huff
Wood by Christine Catalano
Tri-Colored Heron by Al Rollins
Powered Sunshine by JackiGail
At Rains End by JackiGail
Playground Waits Its Season by Christine Catalano
Bull Moose by Donna Sciandra
Slow River by Maury Schulman
Last Light in Sabino Canyon, Arizona by Kim Rumford
Donna in Dali Landscape by Andrew Sciandra
Chateau d'Yquem Window by Lisa Shea
Evening in Arches by Al Rollins
Season's Over! by Donna Sciandra
Dark Daisies by Christine Catalano
Montauk Morning by Christine Catalano
Prehistoric by JackiGail
La Catrina by Andriana Pohja
Beach Path, Interrupted by Lisa Shea
St. Thomas Golf Hazard by Bob See
Sunset Geese by Bob See


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