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Korean Dogwood by Lisa Shea

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Letter to Our Readers
Kimberly Kenney The Winter Solstice has been a mystical and magical time for centuries. On the longest night of the year, the ancient Druids lit huge bonfires to re-energize the sun. And it worked! Each day the nights grew shorter and the days grew longer.

Just as those bonfires provided a rebirth for the sun, this issue of Mused will do the same for your soul. It is a busy time of year, with many of the world´s major religions celebrating a holiday at the end of our calendar year. Take some time out of your hectic holiday preparations to be inspired by the wonderful group of writers and artists featured in this issue!

"Sunset in Beacon Hill," "Horseshoe Bend Colorado River," and "Touched by Autumn" are dripping with sunlight, a reminder that the sun will once again return. The chill of the season figures prominently in "Front Door Lamp" and "Wintry Titmouse." "The Feeding," featuring a batch of hungry robin chicks, reminds us that spring is always right around the corner. And I dare you not to smile when you look at "Keeping Up," an action shot that captures a dog running at top speed!

The poems "Solstice" and "Winter Walk" capture the essence of the season with vivid imagery and flowing phrases, while "Clamming" paints a beautiful picture of a contrasting warm-weather pursuit.

Unraveling connections between our present and our past haunt many of us as we try to understand ourselves and the world around us. Whether you´ve experienced addiction or not, those mysterious connections become crystal clear in the emotionally-charged non-fiction piece "Surfing for Bears."

In our fiction selections, we explore the despair of loss in "Seeing Him," and the harsh reality of domestic violence in "The Day Mama Dropped the Eggs" and "Forecasting." In "Good, Gone Wrong," we experience a unique transformation in an original story of redemption.

The nights might be long this time of year, but they provide the perfect backdrop for settling in with a hot cup of tea to enjoy the many wonders waiting to be discovered in the 2012 Winter Solstice issue of Mused. Sit back for an emotional journey that promises to fill your spirit with warmth, like an ancient fire on a cold, dark night.

Kimberly Kenney
MUSED Art Team

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