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Korean Dogwood by Lisa Shea

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Drone Fly - What an amazing photograph of an amazing creature! We don't usually see insects in such detail, but when I find a shot like this, I am always amazed at how many different textures, colors, parts, and pieces make up their "design." And how very well designed they are to do what they do. When I see the details like this, the "ick!" factor goes away (or is subdued), and I am impressed by what interesting creatures they really are - when you take the time and have the opportunity to look carefully. Fascinating! Thank you! ~Sue

Cabin in the Sky - Gorgeous scenery, looks like it's floating! ~Lisa

Quiet Times - Wonderful! ~Sue

Autumn Garden - A perfect time to view this picture. The 1st day of fall 2012. It supports my mood for beautiful fall colors on sunny cool days. Your view of the world around us in central Illinois parallels the vision in my mind's eye of days to come! Beautiful!!! ~Stephe

The Prefect´s House - Beautiful! And I'm SO glad I'm not responsible for dusting all those beautiful "nooks and crannies" in that house! ~Sue

Branded Clothes and Fake Smiles - Well written. Liked the Title ~Anoop

Bird Woman - Absolutely heart moving. This actually brought a tear to my eyes, very moving, well done. ~Greg

Grandma´s Redemption - I love how this future world was so easily built in such a short piece. Really enjoyed this one. Thanks. ~Kelly

Grandma´s Redemption - In few, wonderful words, R. Greene creates a world, introduces interesting characters, and begins an adventure redolent of freedom and love. Bravo!!! This is a book I want to read. ~Merle

Looking for Love - Well done. It rings with emotional truth and keeps you smiling and worrying about Della. ~Carol

Looking for Love - I am always captivated my Mary's stories. How she describes the people, places, emotions in such few words. I feel I'm a picture or mirror on the wall, being a participant throughout. . ~Erica

The Butterfly Wish - what a beautiful story!!! ~amanda

The Butterfly Wish - Great story told in good detail. Very enjoyable reading. Best part is the moral the story conveys. Very good work and look forward to future works! ~Wallace

Tadpoles - I think the sign of a great writer is someone that makes you want to read more of their work and Nicola is such a writer! I have to admit that I'm hooked :) ~Mark

Drive - I waved at my Mom and Dad, and my sister too, when you flew over Montefiore--and I felt a warm hug from my Bubbe. Thanks for that heartwarming story--and, of course, I knew Wendy would save you. Daughters do that. Happy New Year! ~Irene

Amanda - Absolutely a wonderful story, well expressed, and written in a manner that reminds me of a Britisher. ~Vivian

The Lake Effect - A beautifully told story. ~Vivian

Burned Out Emotions - Wow! Wonderful article, and, I am sure, excellent advice, which I hope I never need. But who can tell these days... ~Sue

Destiny - I loved the story, i can really relate to that, I'm from Mexico and the expectations are similar of woman, I've always been against them. Great piece, congratulations. ~Melda

Paw Prints on My Heart - Wonderful article! I'm sitting here in tears, remembering Muffin and Trouble who were our "ladies." We were lucky enough to have them for 19 years, and they've been gone for 10, but I still miss them both. But, 19 years is a lot longer than 10 or 11, and now I realize how VERY lucky we were to have them that long. ~Sue

The Iranian Art of Negotiation - Very enjoyable. I felt as if I were sitting on your father's shoulder and enjoying the negotiations! Hope you derive great pleasure from those two rugs! ~Frances

Arabesque - I, too, was a student of Mrs. Skaller and this brought back many memories. ~Nina

A Bright Blue Sky – Nice poem ~Susan

Professional Disagreement - Love this, Pam! Wonderful poem! Great imagery! ~Cheryl

The Love She Has - You have so much talent ! I love this ! ~trisha

Villa Villanelle - I'm impressed--villanelles are hard! Kudos! ~Jennifer L.

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