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Korean Dogwood by Lisa Shea

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Jill Lynn Anderson Jill Lynn Anderson

Jill Lynn Anderson write both romantic and mainstream fiction. Previously, Jill´s short stories have appeared in Woman´s World magazine and in the anthology Nightbirds Singing in the Dead of Night. In 2010, she was chosen as a finalist in Mills & Boon´s New Voices contest with her unpublished novel, Windsong. Jill´s penned three other novels and hopes to find publishing success with those in the future. The first chapters of her novels are featured on her website at

Maesa Beany Maesa Beany

Maesa’s climb up Mount Kilimanjaro was not her first trip to Africa. She recently moved to Lagos but was born in Ghana to Lebanese parents and has spent the intervening years in Lebanon, France, and the UK. Maesa is currently taking a sabbatical from her job as an investment banker in London to write and travel even more.

Eleanor Leonne Bennett Eleanor Leonne Bennett

Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a photographer and artist who has won contests with National Geographic,The Woodland Trust, The World Photography Organisation, Winstons Wish, Papworth Trust, Mencap, Big Issue, Wrexham science , Fennel and Fern, Postal Heritage, Bailey Matthews Shell Museum 2011 , New Mill´s Biodiversity contest 2011, Cheshire East Photography contest 2011 and Nature´s Best Photography. Her work is published on calendars, books, magazines and in public art displays.

Bruce J. Berger Bruce J. Berger

Bruce J. Berger is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and Harvard Law School, still practicing law in Washington, DC. His short stories and poems have been published in a variety of literary journals. He publishes collections of short stories and other materials for Amazon/Kindle. See Bruce lives in Silver Spring, MD, with his wife Laurie and their two dogs, Sandy and Danny.

Mark Berkery Mark Berkery

Mark was born to itinerant Irish parents which set the scene for a restless life. Like the Gypsy, he couldn´t accept the moribund values of a soulless society, what passed for important or posed as spiritual. The resulting roller-coaster of experience and inner conflict eventually gave way to a love of the simple sense of nature that he now lives - the best he can - as a form of meditation. He expresses his ongoing exploration of nature´s spiritual value through his writing and pictures at

Christine Catalano Christine Catalano

An English Lit major in college, Christine slipped into publishing by becoming the artist that had been lurking inside all along. She worked happily in graphics for many years. Now liberated from daily deadlines, she loads more ebooks than she can possibly read into her iPad, keeps her cats contented and tries to tempt her muse with camera, Photoshop, and the occasional poem. Some of her artwork has been published in Fiction at Work, the San Pedro River Review, Crack the Spine, and Mused.

Danay C. Downing Danay C. Downing

From a small town in NC, Danay joined the U.S. Army at 17 and served as a linguist and intelligence analyst for 5 yrs. A graduate of the University of NC at Charlotte, she holds a BA Degree in Biology and a BS Degree in Psychology, with special emphasis on animal behavior. She is a graduate student of Anthropology and Cognitive Science at UNCC, her research interests being comparative cognition, learning, and the evolution of language, with a particular focus on primates and marine mammals.

Sue Ellis Sue Ellis

Sue Ellis lives and writes near Mt. Spokane in Washington State. Some writing credits include Christian Science Monitor, Prick of the Spindle, BluePrint Review, Flash Me Magazine and Front Porch Review.

Lee Evans Lee Evans

Lee Evans was born in Maryland, spent most of his life in that state, and is currently living in Bath, Maine. His poems have appeared in such journals as Four and Twenty, Poetry Porch, The Christendom Review and Anon. He has produced four poetry collections, which are available on

Mathew Allan Garcia Mathew Allan Garcia

Mathew Allen Garcia lives with his wife in Hesperia, California. He has four dogs, as well as countless demons that he has yet to exorcise onto paper. His stories can be found mostly in his head, and sometimes in the webpages of Litreactor, where they are dismembered by his peers and then reassembled by him in the quiet of his home. He has been writing for as long as he can remember.

Katherine Givens Katherine Givens

Katherine Givens has loved the art of stringing words together since she was a little girl. Her fiction has been published in The Copperfield Review and The Enchanted File Cabinet, and will be published in a forthcoming issue of Daily Love and The Rusty Nail. Her poetry has been published in Nazar Look, Inclement Poetry Magazine, Literary Juice, BareBack Magazine, Enhance, and Miracle e-zine, and will be in forthcoming issues of Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Apollo’s Lyre, and The Rusty Nail.

Linda Sue Grimes Linda Sue Grimes

Linda Sue Grimes has published poems in many literary magazines including The Berkeley Review and Rattle: Poetry for the 21st Century. Her book of spiritual poems, Singing in the Silence: Poems of Faith, came out in 2005. She maintains a literary Web site, Maya Shedd’s Temple: Literary Home of Linda Sue Grimes She lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee, with her husband, Ronald.

Lois Elaine Heckman Lois Elaine Heckman

Lois Elaine Heckman grew up in Los Angeles, receiving a degree in Italian from UCLA. Her home is in Milan, Italy. Among her writing credits are Boston Literary Magazine, Sonnet Scroll, Tilt-a-Whirl, Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine, Persimmon Tree and Prole. She won the 2010 New England Shakespeare Festival Rubber Ducky Sonnet Contest and, in 2012, placed in both the Poetry on the Lake Competition and the Hungry Hill Poetry Prize. She also enjoys the poetry to be found in photography.

Sally Houtman Sally Houtman

Sally Houtman is an ex-pat American currently living in Wellington, New Zealand. She is the author of a non-fiction book and began writing fiction and poetry in 2007. Since that time, her work has appeared in more than 30 print and online publications and has received four New Zealand writing awards. Her stories were both short and longlisted for the UK´s 2011/12 Fish Prize.

Sarah Ince Sarah Ince

Sarah´s poetry has been widely published in digital and print magazines, including Kindred Spirit and Paradigm Shift, and for the Valentine´s Day 2012 posters for Hotel Rafayel, London and in the souvenir booklet for The I AM Family of Light Conferences in 2006. Sarah´s Poetry books can be found online at Sarah is the travel editor at Semperey Magazine and travel contributor at The Yoga Magazine. Visit Sarah´s website at:

Bess Jones Bess Jones

Bess is a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a therapist, and an emerging poet. Her husband is a fine arts painter and they have the pleasure of collaborating his art and her poetry. They have exhibited at several museums including The Cape Cod Art Museum in Dennis, MA, The Tsongas Gallery at Walden Pond in Concord, MA, The Whistler House Museum of Art in Lowell, MA, and most recently The Gallery at The Concord Free Public Library in Concord, MA.

Meghan Kelly Meghan Kelly

Meghan Kelly lives in North Carolina with one free-range child, one rescue dog and a large stripey cat. She nurtures obsessions on the Civil War, the paranormal and folklore which were also encouraged by her defection from the North after one too many snow storms. Meghan has published one novel, Cursing Fate, and one novella, Clockwork. She is currently working on her next novella, Make Me Real; and exploring her new habitat with camera in hand.

Kim Kenney Kim Kenney

Kim Kenney is a professional writer and curator. Her hobbies include cooking, gardening, practicing yoga, cross stitching, going to car shows and dabbling in photography. Kim´s fiction, non-fiction and photography have appeared in past issues of Mused. She is the Museums Editor at BellaOnline.

Sean J Mahoney Sean J Mahoney

Sean lives with his wife, her parents, and two dogs in Santa Ana, CA. He has been there 9 months now after stints in Los Angeles, Ukiah, Santa Cruz, and formative years spent in Fresno. Yes - he likes California. Sean works in geophysics after studying literature and poetry in school. The palateras frequent his street and ring their bells. They ring their bells quite often. With the help of aspirin and water Sean recovers. After he has eaten of course.

Terry Michelsen Terry Michelsen

Terry Michelsen is a native of Chicago. She and her husband moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina just before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Michelsen writes poetry, short fiction, and children´s stories. Her photographs and paintings adorn the covers of her books.

Carrie Mumford Carrie Mumford

Carrie Mumford is a writer and online marketing coach for authors. She writes short stories and non-fiction articles and blogs about technology. Carrie’s short fiction has appeared in Full of Crow Fiction, Fiction 365, Whispered Words Anthology and Vine Leaves Literary Journal. Her vignette, THE BLEMISH COLLECTOR has been nominated for the 2012 Pushcart prize. You can find Carrie at

Heather Parker Heather Parker

Heather Parker lives in the Lakes with three dogs, four cats and a husband. She´s won several writing competitions including the Benjamin Franklin House/Daily Telegraph Literary Prize. Her stories appear in UK & US magazines, including The People’s Friend, The Weekly News and Space and Time. Two novels have been published by Drollerie Press, plus minibooks by Wild Child Publishing and Untreed Reads. Her stories regularly appear in anthologies.

Helen Peppe Helen Peppe

Helen Peppe´s writing and photographs have appeared in Practical Horseman,Equus, Dog Fancy,and Cats Magazine.Three stories from her memoir will appear in Pop Fic Review, PaniK and Telling Our Stories.Helen’s writing placed first in the Richard Carbonneau Fiction Contest,the WordWorth 2009 Essay and Fiction Contest, The Starving Writer Literary contest, May and August 2010.She was a finalist in the 2011 Annie Dillard Creative Nonfiction Award and a finalist in the 2011 Maine Literary Awards.

Nancy Werking Poling Nancy Werking Poling

Nancy Werking Poling is author of HAD EVE COME FIRST AND JONAH BEEN A WOMAN (Wipf & Stock) and OUT OF THE PUMPKIN SHELL (Spinsters Ink). A former educator, she now lives and writes in North Carolina. "The Day Mama Dropped the Eggs" is from MAY I ASK WHO´S CALLING? (unpublished), a collection of stories related to the evolution of the telephone. You can visit her website:

Megan Roberts Megan Roberts

Megan Roberts´ poetry and fiction often focuses on the landscapes and people of North Carolina, her home state. In April 2010, she was awarded N.C. State’s Academy of American Poets Prize. Matters of Record, a chapbook, was published by Finishing Line Press in August 2012, and these poems take readers inside the crimes and punishments of female murderers, exploring the victims, juries, witnesses, and those executed.

Mary Rodriguez Mary Rodriguez

Mary Rodriguez resides in Wisconsin with her husband. Her short stories have appeared in WISCONSIN PEOPLE & IDEAS, COUNTRY WOMAN, and the WISCONSIN REVIEW. Her poems have been featured in WISCONSIN POETS calendars.

Al Rollins Al Rollins

Al Rollins is a retired Local Government Budget Manager. Al loves to travel the USA with his wife, Janet, and photograph all the wonders of this great country.

Donna Sciandra Donna Sciandra

Donna has always been adventurous and loved to travel. She spent two years in Jamaica (as a teacher trainer in Kingston) and five years in the Solomon Islands on Guadalcanal (as a Community Developer in a rain forest living in a leaf house) with the Peace Corps. Donna is now a retired elementary school teacher who is enjoying her “free” time traveling and photographing North America.

Bob See Bob See

Bob See has been actively interested in photography for many years. He enjoys taking images of wildlife, and landscapes. Bob can be reached at his golfing site at

Lisa Shea Lisa Shea

Born in Maryland, Lisa Shea has been contentedly nestled in the rolling hills and mossy forests of Massachusetts since 1995. She is drawn to the ocean and cherishes quiet evenings as the orange glow of sunset glistens across wooden docks. Lisa relishes the challenge of conveying meaning and memorable characters in a measured bounding of time and space. Her stories, poems, and images celebrate natural beauty and serenity. Enjoy thousands of her photos at

Cindy Shearer Cindy Shearer

Cindy Shearer writes poetry and fiction. She recently retired from a career in corporate training and moved from Dallas, Texas, to Padre Island where she enjoys the water, the wildlife and the company of her extended family.

Wendy A. Skinner Wendy A. Skinner

Wendy´s recently completed 10 linked stories set in Two Harbors, Minnesota that includes her story, "Tabitha, Arise." Her work has appeared in The Potomac Journal of Politics & Poetry, MONKEYBICYCLE, and Dust & Fire where she won the 2010 Carol Bly Award in Non-Fiction. Her parenting memoir, LIFE WITH GIFTED CHILDREN: INFINITY & ZEBRA STRIPES won the Arizona Glyph Award. The controversial reinstatement of the wolf hunt in Minnesota is the backdrop for her next project.

Joann Vitali Joann Vitali

Growing up in southern Connecticut, Joann attributes her passion for photography to living so close to New York City with its fast pace and diverse cultures. Since moving to New Hampshire, her interests have steered her towards photographing the beauty of everything New England. Joann´s work has been exhibited at the Exeter Town Hall, the Chimera Art Gallery, the Chandler Library, Gallery One, and Martin´s Photographix and Digital Xhibits in Nashua, NH.

Steven Wade Steven Wade

From any early age, Steven Wade has always been a tinkerer. The world of science fascinated him. As he grew up, he joined the Air Force and then completed his B.S. in Aeronautical Science at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Now he has finished his MBA and works as a project manager at an engineering firm. He loves to travel and experience what this beautiful Earth has to offer.

Ann Waller Ann Waller

Making her first ocean voyage at the age of five, Ann is an inveterate traveler. Her wanderlust has taken her to various parts of the U.S., Canada, both coasts of Mexico, the islands of the Caribbean, England, France, Portugal, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Monaco, Croatia, Montenegro, China, Hong Kong, and Ukraine. She has a particular fondness for Italy and has returned at least a dozen times to explore the country from the tip of the Alps to the southern shores of Sicily.

Jody Zolli Jody Zolli

Jody Zolli has enjoyed writing poetry since she was seven. Poetry runs in the family, though, as both her mother and grandmother wrote poetry, and had a knack for doggerel verse. Jody has enjoyed being a technical writer for twenty five years, and feels it is the perfect marriage between creative writing and engineering.

Elizabeth Beck
Elizabeth Beck submitted the work If I Could Boomerang the Truth.

Mike Berger
Mike Berger submitted the work Rainbows.

Grace Dion
Having at last escaped the tyranny of the day job, Grace Dion has retired to her birthplace in Eastern Montana, where she writes poems, memoir, and stories for adults and children.

Gene James Gilbert
Gene James Gilbert began his adventure in 1949 in Chicago, Illinois, being born and raised in the shadows of the Ravenswood ´L´ train tracks. Having lived in California and Israel, he now resides and writes in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Anthony J. Langford
Anthony J. Langford submitted the work entitled Waiting for the Symphony.

R. A. Morean
R. A. Morean submitted the work Seeing Him.

Christina Murphy
Christina Murphy submitted the work entitled Solstice.

Christine Nichols
Christine Nichols is a poet from Stillwater, Oklahoma. She has previously published work in Shadows Express, Camel Saloon, and Vox Poetica.

CH Smith
CH Smith submitted the work On Leaving England.

Christopher M. Sniezak
Christopher M. Sniezak submitted the work A Fathers Gift.

Bekah Steimel
Bekah Steimel submitted the work entitled Untitled.

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