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Korean Dogwood by Lisa Shea

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Digging to China

Grace Dion

I was only trying to dig a grave
for the dog; she waited for me to come home
from work, then she died.
How deep do I dig, I asked the vet.
Eighteen inches, he told me;
but once I got started I couldnīt stop,
even though I am small-boned
and have arthritic thumbs --- not really a digger ---
but the rhythm helped my tears,
and after many nights or weeks or years,
I broke through, I saw daylight,
and three Chinamen looked at me
without expression, as they sometimes do,
and talked their quick talk,
which I understood perfectly;
and by then I knew
it was superfluous
to bury the dog.

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Reader Feedback:
I just so revered the wonderful Lady Zircon, Rhodesian Ridgeback, (aged some 13 human years,91 dog years) ,when my close years with her ended. As silently and painlessly as the night takes over from the day, she departed this world. Our great Captain, took her spirit to His(/Her?)great home, leaving the deep appreciation with me for the time allowed to share life.
Lying still by my chair, I knew not that she had left. Peace, no suffering. Thank you Captain. Yes I spent time quietly, respectfully burying her, naked of collar and earthly things, except some soft spring flowers.
I had sold my farm, and as if she knew, she chose to go before the full trauma of moving home materialised within weeks. So here's to animals and their relationship with us...
Thanks for your having written, Grace Dion.
Best to you, Mark, Western Cape, South Africa
~Mark the green man