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Artwork Submission Form

Please make sure you have read and understood the Mused Submission Guidelines and the Artwork Submission Guidelines before submitting information via this form.


Each submission should provide two copies of the image. Have both the small AND large versions of your file ready before filling in this form.

  • There should be a small-size image of about 600 pixels wide for review.

  • There should also be the full sized master copy for the PDF and print copy use, of at least 1,000 pixels on EACH side. So both the length and width of the image need to be over 1,000 pixels.

  • What you submit is your artistic vision. We never "crop" or change your image. For that reason, please make sure that you have cropped your image the way you want it shown, that you have rotated it to have the angle you want. If you submit an image that is off-kilter, we assume you meant for it to be that way! That might be the difference between us accepting and rejecting the image. Please double check your image and ensure the brightness looks good, the straightness looks good, and that you've cropped out any extra frame bits or other clutter before you submit. That way we know exactly what you want us to run!

  • Works must be family friendly. They should not have any watermarks or date stamping.

  • Only submit a single work of art in the box below. One image per submission. For a given issue, you can submit up to five images, each on its own submission form.

Art Submission Form

NOTE: If you get an error using this form it is usually because the image is too large. Please make sure the image is UNDER 3MB. If it really is that small and you continue getting errors, please Contact Us.