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Tarot's Male Energies

The Tarot features a blend of masculine and feminine energies that work to complement one another. The Yin and Yang of Tarot presents a well-rounded view of characteristics we all possess. The dominant male cards are the Magician, Emperor, Hierophant, Hermit from the Major Arcana and the Knights and the Kings from each suit.

When properly balanced, the male archetypes of the Tarot represent strength, discipline, protection, goals, hard work, logic and analysis. When improperly balanced, they can veer into control or power struggles, domineering personalities, stubbornness, rigidity, and anger. All human beings, regardless of gender, display both masculine and feminine characteristics in varying degrees of harmony and balance.

Ideally, we should strive to bring the best of the archetypes together harmoniously, not allowing either to become too dominant for too long. The positive feminine qualities include emotion, intuition, nurturing, empathy, and service. The unbalanced feminine energies include jealousy, manipulation and deception, anxiety, and becoming too emotional to remain objective. Ideally, we want to come to a place where we use an equal blend of logic and creativity for example, or where we can be logical and analytical but empathetic to the needs of others simultaneously.

Each Archetype brings with it unique strengths and challenges. Below are the dominant Major Arcana male cards and the characteristics they represent.

Magician: The magician is resourceful, intelligent, enigmatic and highly capable of creating solutions and reaching goals. He is someone who can influence others and is often a capable business person. Able to use all the elements successfully, he is a master at manifesting his goals and dreams into reality. Magicians that are imbalanced sometimes use their natural power over others for ill purposes. They put personal gain above all else. Winning, at any cost, becomes most important. Therefore they can be associated with trickery, bribery, and deception when not properly balanced.

Emperor: This is the traditional patriarch of the deck. He is exceptionally intelligent, strategic, disciplined and structured. He represents the positive qualities of self-control, confidence, and positive discipline that gets results. He has a natural inclination to provide and protect. Improperly balanced, the Emperor can represent rigidity, a control freak who has to micromanage all aspects of life, punishment rather than positive discipline – a dictator.

Hierophant: This card represents the traditional male service role. He is called to lead others and to do meaningful work for the community. Many first responders, clergy, doctors etc. will have this card as a significator. The Hierophant's strongest qualities are dedication to helping others, a need to serve a higher calling, and his charismatic nature, wisdom, and influence. Improperly balanced the Hierophant can indicate someone who projects their own needs onto others. It can indicate service to others that is tainted by a need to “be a hero”, rather than from a genuine call to service. Egoism and self-importance.

Hermit: This card represents the elder who has learned through experience and who passes his knowledge and wisdom on to others. When I see the Hermit I think of great and noble leaders whose wisdom serves as the highest example of how to live life. The Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela are just a couple of examples of fully realized Hermit people. Hermit people are those who are wise and mature spiritually, who act as living examples to others. They tend to be solitary people, alone but not lonely, who know they have a higher purpose to share. Imbalanced Hermits can speak of those who get disillusioned on their path to enlightenment. They feel detached from humanity rather than connected. Their isolation leads them to a path of loneliness and dissatisfaction rather than fulfillment. This card imbalanced can speak of the need to tap into higher wisdom and to mature more spiritually.

Other male energies include the Knights and the Kings. Knights tend to represent surprises, change, taking action, passion, enthusiasm, and excitement. Kings represent leadership, accountability, and courage. You can learn more about the specific meanings of these cards via the links below.

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