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Fluoride and conception

Fluoride is actually a toxin that does your body no favors, even though we have been taught that it's important for your teeth. Unfortunately, it accumulates in tissue and the long bones and causes problems.

I grew up with the idea that fluoride was essential for my teeth. Not just important, but essential. I have learned in the past year that that is not only false, but that fluoride is dangerous. Luckily, my municipal water is not fluoridated, but everyone should check with their water company to be sure that they aren't drinking fluoridated water from the tap.

Don't we need it for our teeth? No, we don't. Let's consider some areas of the world that don't have fluoride in their water and they don't brush with fluoride either. They do not all have bad teeth--I won't claim that they all have perfect teeth because that depends on what they eat. The biggest threat to your teeth is sugar and starches that you eat.

Most countries except for the United States and a handful of other countries have banned fluoridation because longitudinal studies have demonstrated no reduction in dental caries in fluoridated versus non-fluoridated populations. On top of that, data demonstrate that fluoridated populations have more fractures and discolored teeth.

Interestingly, fluoride occurs naturally in water, and it is safe at very low levels. In some areas, it actually is naturally too high, and people are warned not to drink it. A review of fertility rates in high concentration areas versus other areas with lower fluoride concentrations shows decreased birth rates in the high concentration areas.

Toxicity to sperm has been documented in animal studies. In rat studies, the sperm lost their motility and the numbers were reduced. Before you argue with me over the validity of animal studies to humans, you should know that rats are actually more tolerant of fluoride than humans are.

As for women, fluoride is a mutagen--it alters DNA. For that reason, it is dangerous to our eggs and to a developing fetus. One interesting study showed that the rate of birth of babies with Down syndrome was dramatically increased in areas with fluoridated water.

The solution here is to find out if your water is fluoridated. If it is, drink bottled spring water. Specifically, buy spring water because it is water drawn from natural springs and bottled. Avoid any other type of bottled water.

Also stop using fluoride toothpaste. Even if you rinse and spit it out, you swallow some of it. There are toothpastes without fluoride. Brushing and flossing will do the job just fine. And cut down on sugar, especially soda and fruit juice, in your diet, which will naturally benefit your teeth.

My dentist is a holistic dentist who does not use fluoride treatments. If you can't find a fluoride-free dentist, then just tell them not to use the fluoride treatments or cleansers during your cleanings. Keep up regular dental cleanings and good home dental care and your teeth and gums will still be fine without fluoride, and actually even healthier.

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