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Glossary - C

This glossary page covers words beginning with the letter C.

Chakras: the word chakra is derived from the sanskrit for wheel. The seven major chakras are energy centres, perceived psychically as spinning wheels or vortices. Each has its own attributes and function. There are seven major chakras which run along the centre of the body from Base to Crown and many more minor chakras. Many holistic therapies aim to balance the chakras, and so promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony.

Chi: Chi is an ancient Chinese term for the energy that surrounds us. It is the difference between a living and a dead organism- chi is the energy that literally enlivens us. Although we can't normally see chi we can sense it and can consciously build healthy chi energy in our bodies through breathing execises, yoga and martial arts. Complementary therapists often work to balance and unblock the flow of chi. Chi is carried around the body by the energy meridians which must flow clearly for good health. Acupuncture is based on this knowledge.

Clutter Clearing: Clutter is believed to clog up chi energy in the home. Clearing the clutter allows the chi to move freely again which is mirrored in the lives of the inhabitants.

Colour Healing: The seven colours of the rainbow are emanations of pure colour energy. Each colour has its own meaning and properties and have been shown to create a physiological response in the human body. Because colours have a specific vibrational frequency they can be used as a powerful vibrational healing tools. Colour healers may use cloths, light torches, advise on coloured diets and clothing or give coloured visualisations and breathing exercises. New Age philosophies include the idea that we are each born to a colour ray which determines our life's mission.

Crystals: the crystal kingdom is believed to hold wisdom and healing powers that we can tap into as humans. New Age healers may work on many levels with crystals. Each type of crystal has its own healing properties. Crystals and humans are co-creators within New Age philosophy, working together to bring balance and harmony to the Planet.

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