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Battle Scars of Life

Most of us know and understand the struggles the world has been heavily laden with as of late. We see it on the television and we read about it in our news reports. The struggles are many and come in a huge array of different shapes and sizes; Crime, unemployment, hunger, lack of proper housing, failing health care for the poor and the list goes on.

As I speak to so many who are looking for guidance I see battle scars and wounds that may take a long time to heal. One of the most prominent reasons for this is that so many individuals are holding on to the worries and struggles and they are not sharing their burdens with their loved ones.

They feel that they have to carry the burden all by themselves and that if they do talk about their worries they will appear week or as failures. This is not the truth.

Being true to ourselves is imperative to being who we are really meant to be here on earth. Sometimes we smoother this richness of ourselves by not sharing our feelings and or emotions when we really should open up and feel secure in speaking from our hearts. We keep our feelings hidden or silenced because we feel that if we do share them someone will be upset with us.

What we sometimes donít realize is that if we hold all these emotions and feelings inside we begin to infect ourselves with a terrible illness.

That illness is bitterness. We become bitter because we hold on to all that foul tasting worry and stress, confusion and chaos and we make ourselves sick by holding it inside. Our spirits become infected from the wounds of societies chaos when our homes are torn apart and our futures look bleak.

Just as a physical wound heals we have to heal the spirit also. When we cut ourselves the wound slowly closes and begins to heal. Sometimes, if the cut is deep enough, it will leave a scar, but if itís just superficial it heals with less trouble. The same applies to our spirit, our soul. If we cut or wound our spirit it needs time to heal as well.

If we allow the bitterness to wound us, or make us sick it can sometimes, depending on the severity of the issue take years to heal. This can in turn cause deeper scars to the spirit and in some cases there is no healing at all.

The bitterness and the scars remain for the entire lifetime that the spirit resides in human form. This is part of the grand design of experiencing life here on earth. It doesnít always have to be negative or bitter though. Life can be beautiful.

Life can be beautiful by expressing our emotions and feeling good about doing it. Itís ok to cry, itís ok to tell someone you donít like what their doing or that you feel itís wrong. Itís ok to love until you feel that your heart will burst and itís ok to just be silent.

The most important thing is that we do it. Donít hide your feelings, express them. Love and be loved. Learn and in turn teach. Enjoy the richness of laughter and happiness and let bitterness go. The trials and tribulations we now face during the strain of chaos that seems intent on breaking us all will pass and when it does we will wear battle scars not only on the outside but on the inside. Those scars will make us stronger and we will feel free because we have not held on to the bitterness that cut us and wounded us we have healed it with an open heart.

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