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Whole Being Wellness Tarot Spread

In life and in Tarot, I like to focus on “whole being wellness”. I believe that body, mind, emotions and spirit while often perceived as separate, actually function as a cohesive unit. Anything that impacts one area affects the whole being. This can be challenging for obvious reasons, when one area suffers all areas are impacted, but fortunately this interconnectedness can extend the other way also. When we do something to help one area, our whole being responds. A good example is meditation which reduces stress, helps us feel connected spiritually and in so doing can reduce our risk for contracting disease or illness.

There are times in life when we may have so much going on we aren't sure where the real issues lie, we just know we aren't feeling good. During these times a simple whole being wellness spread can lend insight into health in all areas.

Clear the mind and focus on your health as you draw one card each for body, mind, emotions, and spirit. As you do this clear your mind and let yourself be intuitively led to the right cards for each position. I place them all face down until I have drawn them and then I turn them upright. I do this so that I see all my choices at once and I am not forming preconceived opinions as I move from one area to another.

I tend to place my cards left to right, but you can do them top to bottom as well. I typically do a card body, mind, spirit for myself. You can add another one for emotional health as well if desired.

The card for the body can indicate areas of the body that may be impacted, but it can also tell you what your body needs in order to heal or function better. For example, wands cards can indicate a need to produce more energy and may call for you to be more active. Each card will have it's own meaning and you can discover this by meditating on the card.

The card for the mind speaks of your mental processes, how are your thoughts working for or against you? Often we are unaware of the bulk of our thoughts and that can lead us to secretly sabotaging our best intentions. What we believe and think about is what we manifest in life. Tarot can give great insight into what our underlying thoughts are pointing us toward and we can make adjustments if necessary.

The card for the emotional realm gives great insight combined with the mind position. Our emotions are a gauge to what we are thinking. If we are feeling good, chances are the bulk of our thoughts are flowing in productive ways. If we feel anxious, angry, lonely or any of the other challenging emotions, this card will show us those feelings. We can then reassess what thought processes are leading to these feelings and work to shift our consciousness in more meaningful ways.

The soul or spirit card shows ways to feel more spiritually connected. If we are too focused on the material world or if we need to honor ourselves with more personal time, it will show up in this part of the spread.

This very simple spread is great for personal reflection and meditation. It will give great insight into the deep inner workings of your being and help you to make adjustments. What you do to improve one area will be felt throughout your whole being and the result will be improved overall health and wellness.

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