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The Key to Self-Esteem in Teens

ďSelf-trust is the first secret of success."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The above quote by the iconic literary figure Ralph Waldo Emerson is quite inspiring. It essentially states that by reaching deep into our inner-selves, we realize that we as human beings possess an infinite amount of potential. When this is accomplished, we begin to see that by trusting ourselves we can explore a path to an exciting new destination in life. But, it isnít always that simple sometimes. As an average teen, small pitfalls occur every day and these pitfalls can cause us to become depressed, steeped in an unbearable emotional slump full of emptiness and pain. What can we do to escape this type of depression?

Here are a few tips that are sure to free you from the prison of low self-esteem:

1.) Fake it until you make it. By smiling and pretending that you are happy, you will soon find out that your thoughts can truly affect your actions. Donít take life too seriously. Enjoy all of the things that make you smile. Be daring and enjoy life for yourself and no one else!

2.) Boost someone elseís self esteem. Doing something nice for someone else is a good indicator of compassion. Volunteer, join a group that helps others, or bake something sweet for the one you love. By acknowledging someone elseís needs instead of your own, you will begin to have a new understanding of what it means to be a considerate individual. Also, give someone you know a hug. Youíd be surprised how much a little physical touch can brighten someoneís day. Letting the other person know that you are thinking of them will instantly boost their self-esteem and yours in the process.

3.) Realize that any problem you are currently having is only temporary. Even though you may believe that whatever youíre struggling with will last forever, it wonít. You have to realize that you are capable of creating your own solutions. Finding empowerment from within yourself in order to solve your own problems can instantly boost your self-esteem. You can do this by visualizing a point in your life where the situation is better or has been completely resolved. Also, it is important to know that time is a great healer.

4.) Be grateful for the good things in life. What are you grateful for? Are you grateful for the way the wind blows through the trees, the sound of children laughing, your job, your family members, or your unique ability to tell a great joke? Being content with the things you already have in your life is a fantastic way to boost self-esteem. When we focus so much of our time and energy on the awful things that are happening around us, we begin to lose sight of the things that are really important like family and friends. By focusing on things that make us joyful and scream with excitement, we begin to apprehend all the beauty that is around usÖand from within.

5.) Watch something funny to lighten your mood. Whether itís an amusing clip on YouTube or a clever joke you heard on television, there are lots of entertaining things that can instantly lift your spirits. It also couldnít hurt to send those funny and interesting things you found on the internet to people you think will enjoy them as well. You might actually brighten someone elseís day without even realizing it.

6.) Find a trait that you like about yourself and flaunt it. It doesnít matter if itís a physical trait or an emotional one. Finding something you love about yourself can boost your self-esteem. Are you someone who naturally draws attention? Do you have a knack for cheering someone up when theyíre down? Are you a really great singer? Itís important to realize that everyone has something to contribute that makes the world better, even you. You may not think so now, but you are special and there is no one in the world that is quite like you. It is scientifically proven that no two fingerprints are alike, which means that every person in the world is unique and different. So, itís kind of silly to think that we should be like someone else when science has proven that it is impossible to do such a thing. Personally, relatives have told me that I have my grandmotherís smile. My grandmother was a loving, compassionate individual who brought joy to all those around her. The thought that I carry a trait of hers with me wherever I go adds to my sense of self-identity, so does the thought of continuing her legacy of bringing peace and happiness to others.

7.) Realize that life is too short to be in a slump. Simply enjoy life while you can. Take the time to tell those you care about you love them. Fulfill a life-long dream. Donít be afraid to smell the fresh aroma of the flowers on your way to work. By taking the time to simply enjoy all the little things that life has to offer, we begin to realize that we must appreciate every moment that is given to us. We must learn to live with no regrets and explore all the things that life has to offer. When we do this, our self-esteem escalates to a level we never thought possible.

In the end, positive self-esteem can only be found from within. Respect yourself and be confident in your own sense of self. By fully acknowledging your own capabilities as a human being, you are paving the way towards a better and even brighter tomorrow.

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