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Nail Biting

Have you wondered the origins of why people bite their nails? According to Healthmad.com it is said that, ďA person bites their nails when they are nervous, stressed, hungry or bored. This is very subconscious. A lot of nail biting is linked to a physical, emotional or mental disorder. Those nail biters will know that when they feel stress or boredom, their hands subconscioulsly go to their mouth and they start biting without realizing they actually are.Ē

While that my sound like we can clinically excuse this behaviour, the truth is that nail biting is a habit which you may very well be inflicting upon those around you. It's something like nose picking and ear cleaning. People around you are witnessing it. The guy driving down the road with his finger up his nose and digging away might not realize the whole world can see but they can. The same is true of nail biting. Although not as disgusting, it still ranks up there with zit picking and stuff like that.

Unless you are a closet nail biter, you may not realize that people are seeing and hearing your habit. Yes hearing too. You audience most likely does not want to participate in your ritual. Itís up to you to put yourself in the shoes of those around you and consider if you might want to stop your desire to gnaw on your nails.

What those around you hearÖ

ďChip. Tick. Spit.Ē Thatís what people hear when you bite your nails. Itís like chewing with your mouth open and smacking your lips. Itís noisy. Itís distracting. Itís disgusting. There's the chip you hear when your tooth severs your nail. Then the tick as it leaves the nail bed and enters your mouth. And yes, the spit comes when you expel your nail into the universe for all of us to experience together. Nail clippers and files are easily accessible and do not create a grating noise. Please consider them before your put your fingers in your mouth again.

What those around you seeÖ

They see you with your fingers in your mouth. Itís like digging at a zit or picking your nose. People see you essentially sucking on your fingers and then your tongue spitting something out.

Where does the nail go???

If you are going to bite Ďem, they will either go in or out. Much like putting a fork with food on it into your mouth, you have to stick a finger in and are left with an object on your tongue. If you donít swallow it Ė and we know you arenít going to do this Ė you are about to spit. Spitting is gross. Donít do it. Better yet, donít bite your nails.

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