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There are no hard and fast rules in knitting, and in any given room of knitters there are many ways to do everything, it is only limited by the imagination and creativity of those gathered. Some techniques do look better than other techniques, and some ways of doing things are faster, more secure, and give a more polished finish, but somethings are not noticeable and donít affect the finished product. In those cases knit on and be happy in the knowledge that you arenít alone, every knitter does many things their own way. There arenít any absolutes and one way to start a spirited conversation in a room full of knitters is to start a sentence with, ďIn knitting there is only one way to, fill in the blank.Ē My life is richer because of knitting even if my pocketbook is not. You can never get enough money by selling a garment you knit to pay for the time you put into it. The one thing about knitting I still do not understand is how some people never knit for themselves, maybe Iíll join them for a chat and try to puzzle that out.

When I think of the people around me getting upset because they have to wait in line, wait at an appointment, drive long distances, sit on mass transit, or just sit staring into space, I am baffled, why don't they knit? Sure, some are reading, some are working, some are playing with their phones, ipods, ipads, computers, etc., but many, and in my non-scientific study, are just sitting and getting anxious. I think they should turn to knitting. Knitting gives you something to do with your hands (especially if you are a smoker in a place where smoking isn't allowed), at the end you have a product to use or gift, and it is a thing of beauty. What's not to like?

I guess I knit because I like to knit, not to save money (have I mentioned my stash). I knit because of the gifts it allows me to make that marry form and function and let me give unique gifts that cannot be found anywhere else. Knitting has brought me into a community of like minded people, who could not be funnier, more helpful, more thoughtful or more diverse. Knitting has made me a better person through the craft and through the people I have met.

The process of knitting is sometimes frustrating, but more often it is a way of slowing down, sitting quietly, concentrating, and doing a repetitive task in an almost meditative way. Knitting can be about mastering a technique and once mastered there is no need to finish for a variety of reasons therefore knitting becomes a process.

Finishing is grand if the item is intended as a gift or an event. The sense of accomplishment or the mastery of a technique cannot be underestimated, but knitting is a process and the amount of UFOís (unfinished objects) out there attest to that. If it was about finishing most knitters would not have yarn stashes they would have closets and drawers full of sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves and stored presents.

So knit on and enjoy, learn, and keep trying!

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