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How Do You Explain Life

How do you explain Life? At first it seems so simple, you’re born, you live your life, and then you die. A lot of people still hold to that as their reality. However, research into the way life works, has shown that the basis of all life is energy and motion.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, so in essence we are indestructible. The consciousness that is ‘us’ can never die, only the outer appearance of what we have accepted as us can change and be seen to die.

Many times I step back from life and marvel at how amazing it is. How everything we need to see and know about ourselves shows up as reflections of our consciousness through other people. That never ceases to amaze me. How other people always bring us the gift of knowing our-self better.

I wonder why that is so, and considered that because the essence of what we are seeing in another is in our consciousness, it makes it seem more magnified. In the same way, if you buy a blue car you suddenly become aware of blue cars everywhere.

We notice what is in our consciousness, and do not register all the other things around us because they are not relevant to us at that time. So, if we only see what we are aware of in our consciousness, and miss everything else, how grounded is our view of the world?

How can it be possible for us to arrive at any outcome other than the one that suits us and our confirmation bias? Is our world just a holographic projection that we are making up? No-one has the same reality, we all experience life differently and according to our thoughts about it. That means, we can create anything we like through our mind.

‘The universe is a consciousness hologram. Reality is projected illusion within the hologram” crystalinks.com
If that were so, then that may explain how we can all experience the same things differently, and according to our mental and emotional reasoning. We attach different meaning to the same situations, and therefore have different experiences.
Either way, it seems that life is reciprocal, it responds to us in the same way we are towards it. If we are angry, upset and annoyed with people, then our reflection back to us will be of angry, annoyed and upset people.
When we hold a belief that life is amazing and anything is possible, the brain is directed to find when that it is so. When we believe that life is tough and everyone is out to get us, we will make that our experience because it re-affirms what is in our consciousness.
It makes me wonder what I am not open to seeing and what possibilities have passed me by because they were not in my consciousness. However, I like the idea of the universe being a hologram to experience my projections on, makes it feel more fun and less personal.

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