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Aussie Sayings J - M

There is a plethora of websites in internet land that highlights the unique slang language of Australians. We know what a sheila or a nong is, but many times I have witnessed foreigners completely baffled when an Aussie lets fly with uniquely Australian Sayings.

So I am endeavouring to bring to you as many Aussie sayings as I can muster, together with an understandable explanation of exactly what they mean. Have fun!

Saying: Joe Blow Meaning: The average guy, the man on the street
How to use this saying: News bulletins are geared towards Joe Blow

Saying: Just Quietly Meaning: telling someone a secret
How to use this saying: Just quietly, sheís pregnant!

Saying: Keep your ear to the ground Meaning: Listen out for
How to use this saying: Be on the lookout and keep your ear to the ground

Saying: Knocking back a few beers Meaning: drinking alcohol.
How to use this saying: Heís in the pub knocking back a few beers

Saying: Let one drop Meaning: To break wind, flatulent
How to use this saying: Whatís that smell? Someone let one drop.

Saying: Lights are on, but nobodyís home Meaning: Used to describe someone who is a bit vague or stupid
How to use this saying: donít expect an answer from Jim, lights are on but nobodyís home

Saying: Looks like something the cat dragged in Meaning: Looks dishevelled, untidy and dirty
How to use this saying: You canít go to work looking like that, you look like something the cat dragged

Saying: Lower than a snakes belly Meaning: of low moral standing
How to use this saying: His reputation is lower than a snakes belly

Saying: Molly Dooker Meaning: : a left handed person
How to use this saying: I see youíre a Molly Dooker

Saying: Make mine unleaded Meaning: Light Beer
How to use this saying: I busting for a pot, but Iíve got to work tomorrow - make mine unleaded

Saying: My back teeth are floating Meaning: Need to do a wee
How to use this saying: Iíve had so much to drink my back teeth are floating

Saying: Mumís chucking a wobbly Meaning: Mumís angry, Mumís annoyed
How to use this saying: I wouldnít go in there if I were you Ė Mumís chucking a wobbly

Saying: Mulga Meaning: Used to describe the outback or somewhere youíve never been to.
How to use this saying: Itís out in the mulga somewhere.
Saying: Mystery Bag Meaning: A sausage made with unknown ingredients
How to use this saying: Iím looking forward to my mystery bags tonight.

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