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Aussie Sayings U - Z

There is a plethora of websites in internet land that highlights the unique slang language of Australians. We know what a sheila or a nong is, but many times I have witnessed foreigners completely baffled when an Aussie lets fly with uniquely Australian Sayings.

So I am endeavouring to bring to you as many Aussie sayings as I can muster, together with an understandable explanation of exactly what they mean. Have fun!


Saying: Up at sparrowís fart Meaning: Awake and up very early in the morning Iím pretty tired this afternoon, been up since sparrowís Fart:

Saying: Up the creek in a barbed wire canoe Meaning: this is useless : If we canít get to our destination in time, weíll be up the creek in a barbed wire canoe

Saying: Veranda over the toolshed Meaning: A big belly, pot belly Heís got the biggest veranda over the toolshed because he loves his beer:

Saying: Well Strike me Pink! Meaning: Iím flabbergasted! How to use this saying: Well, strike me pink Iíve never seen an elephant do that!

Saying: Wet me whistle Meaning: Have a drink because Iím parched Iíve been riding that horse all morning and I need to wet me whistle:

Saying: What do you do for a crust mate? Meaning: How do you earn a living How to use this saying: Heís flashy with money, I wonder what he does for a crust

Saying: What a load of old cobblers Meaning: what a load of rubbish you are speaking How to use this saying: You canít believe a word he says, he just sprouts a load of old cobblers

Saying: Weíre in the middle of bloody woop woop Meaning: We live in the outback, in the sticks How to use this saying: Donít bother sending it to us, we live in bloody woop woop

Saying: Wouldnít have the foggiest Meaning: havenít a clue How to use this saying: Donít ask me how he did it, I wouldnít have the foggiest.

Saying: Wouldnít work in an iron lung Meaning: Is lazy How to use this saying: Donít give that job to him, he couldnít work in an iron lung

Saying: Ya drongo Meaning: You idiot How to use this saying: donít put a bloody match to it ya drongo

Saying: Youíve got Buckleys mate Meaning: You havenít a chance How to use this saying: Youíve got two chances of seeing snow in the outback Ė Buckleyís and none

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