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Natural Cures Versus Pharmaceuticals

In the real world there is a cure for anything but the outdated and greedy pharmaceutical companies refuse to let us use these cures on ourselves. They lie to us and withhold information that is given to them by independent therapists about cures for illnesses made from natural herbs. It would mean they would have no control over the medicines that we are use if we were allowed to experiment on ourselves.

Herbs have been used to treat humans and animals ever since the time we understood that plants had medicinal properties. There is no reason today why we should not still use these same herbs to cure our ailments except that the pharmaceutical companies have hijacked the medical profession.

The medical profession are also scared of us when we self-diagnose and self-prescribe. They will stop us at any cost, even if the chemical drugs they prescribe to us poison and kill us. In fact people are arrested and prosecuted for making herbal medicines and treating themselves and others, even when the cure works. The pharmaceutical companies are afraid it would mean a loss of profit for them.

There is nothing that cannot be cured with herbs. Cancer can be cured with the use of herbs, but this information is kept away from public and those who use these medicines are persecuted.

It is our right to treat our own bodies in any way we wish, to take any kind of herb we wish to cure ourselves. Who are these people to put restrictions on the human race? The body is a wonderful piece of biological engineering which can repair itself given the proper nutrition. Feeding us chemicals does not cure anything because it usually results in side effects that then need more medication to ‘cure’ us.

Billions of pounds are wasted by the pharmaceutical companies. People know that there are herbal cures out there but they are hidden away and ignored by the elite who do not wish us to be self-sufficient. There is no profit in it for them because they cannot patent nature. Many of the natural medicines that have been proven to cure illnesses are given away free by the people who make and distribute it to those who wish to take it.

It is time that the pharmaceutical companies stepped up to the wire and tell us why they are hiding these facts from us. It is time people started to realise that invasive surgery and chemical poisoning does not always need to be the final outcome.

Watch this informative video, it will make you think again before you pop your next pill. There are people on this planet who work tirelessly to help others, they do it willingly and freely and put the medical profession to shame.

Cancer the Forbidden Cures - Full Documentary

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