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Downside Of The Technological Age

As human beings we are becoming soft in our bodies and in our minds as our bodies do less and less and our minds lose focus on the wider aspects of life.

How many of us own microwaves? It saves us time but what do those micro waves do to the food we cook with them? In 1976 the Russians carried out experiments with microwave ovens and found that heating food sufficiently for human consumption caused the following:

• Destabilisation of protein compounds
• Binding effects on molecules from radioactivity
• Formation of d-Nitrosodiethanolamine – cancer causing agent
• Creation of cancer forming agents in milk and cereal grain

Microwaves also caused alteration in the breakdown of glucoside when frozen fruits were thawed.

In other words, microwaves change the structure of food and makes it carcinogenic. It is far better to get out a saucepan, switch on the cooker and prepare meals from scratch. We may think we do not have time for freshly cooked food, but compared to the alternatives, it is worth the time and the effort.

Billions of people use mobile/cell phones every single moment of the day. There are no wires confining us to our homes anymore so we can talk on the move. To function cell phones use electromagnetic radiation, which is in microwave level. If used for long periods at a time heat can be felt coming from the cell phone which causes headaches.

The social skills of our societies are based around the latest mobile technology. We can see each other, we can hear each other and we can text/message each other. We never actually have to touch another human being again.

Technology and computers can keep us alive way beyond what our bodies can really cope with. Life support systems, monitors, machines to keep us breathing even when our brains have died. Robotic limbs and computer/brain induced movements help us to walk and talk again. Life can seem endless with technology. How about keeping your head frozen until a new body can be found?

Most of the technology today was dreamed up in sci-fi television programmes. Did we imagine in 1950 that by the year 2012 we would no longer need to leave our homes to do anything ever again?

Computers have taken over the world. We have set up our offices in our homes so that 'work' is just a step away. Every establishment from banking to healthcare is run by computers. Our telephone systems are computer based leaving us listening to recorded voices. We are unable to communicate our wishes until a human picks up the phone. Our electricity and gas supplies are controlled by computer programmes and our drinking water is cleaned using computer technology.

Now imagine if an unexpected explosive Sun-storm came sweeping to Earth and wiped out our entire computer network? It could happen and how would we cope? We would be unable to withdraw money from our banking accounts. We would be unable to speak to each other without having to come face to face. Everything we know as life in the twenty first century would come to a halt.

We can shop on line, pay our bills on line and we can communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world. We can buy computerised treadmills that joggle our soft bodies around in the hope of keeping us fit. We watch television to find out what is happening in the world. We obtain our food the quickest way we can by ordering 'take-out' online or over the phone.

We have machines that do our washing and drying, dishwashers to remove the greasy food from the plates and vacuum cleaners to sweep away the dust and dirt. We never have to put any effort into anything we do. We can sit back and let technology do it for us.

So, is this it for society? Humanity has evolved, but into what? Anti-social creatures who sit behind a computer screen and ignore what is going on in the world? Soft bodies and soft minds will not generate progress. We sit back and allow ourselves to be plied with the latest gadgets in the hope our lives become easier.

Maybe the previous generations had it easier because they lived without all the frustration of talking to machines. They did not live by the fancies of a laptop, because unless we are all computer experts, what do we do when our machines beep and shout ‘error’ at us? We break down! We think our lives are easier today but we have come to rely on technology and it could spell disaster for us all.

Freedom is the basic concept and construct of life everywhere, because freedom is the basic nature of God. All systems which reduce, restrict, impinge upon or eliminate freedom in any way are systems which work against life itself. ~ Neale Donald Walsch

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