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Cleansing Your Aura

Your aura, or energy field, surrounds you and protects you. Your vitality and wellbeing depend on maintaining a healthy aura. Every emotion or thought we experience is reflected in some way in the energy field. The food and drink we choose, any drugs, medicinal or otherwise, our environment, all affect the aura. To keep the aura in great shape we need to make wise choices about our lifestyle, but most of us will benefit from a cleansing regime too. Fortunately there are many, varied ways to do this, and some are a lot of fun!

One step we should all take if possible is to get outdoors more often. Outside, even in cities, the air is less contaminated than inside our homes. It is best if you can get in touch with nature, in a garden or park if you can’t get into the countryside. The most cleansing places are woodlands, by waterfalls, hilltops and by the seashore. There is a different quality to the air, which science attributes to positive ions, that invigorates and cleanses your aura. You also feel more inclined to breathe fully and deeply- very refreshing for your whole system.

I love to walk up the wooded hillside near my home. The energies of the trees are very soothing and as I walk upwards I emerge at the top of the hill where the wind blows. I feel like any negativity is carried away harmlessly by the breeze. I also feel uplifted by the magnificent vista, seeing across the hills and valleys of Mid Wales for many miles. Hilltops are a great place to connect to the Divine.

What if time or physical restraints prevent you from getting to the great outdoors? One of my favourite quick cleansing tricks, which I often use between healing clients is misting my aura with a vibrational essence. You can buy various aura cleansing sprays ready made, or if you already have essences you can add a few drops to spring water in a bottle with a fine spray top. If you dowse you can choose the most cleansing combination for your own personal needs. I use a blend of tree essences. A few sprays above your head will gently drift down through your aura, taking any negativity with it.

Smudging is a traditional way to remove cleanse the aura. Smudgesticks based on sweetgrass or white sage work well. Light the stick and then take the smoke through your aura, carefully keeping the lit end away from skin, clothing and hair, it is good to keep a feather especially for this purpose. It is nice to get a friend to smudge your back for you. Observe all the usual fire safety precautions and make sure you stub the stick out well!

When I’m healing I use various crystal techniques for cleansing the aura. One of the easiest to try on yourself is the ‘selenite sweep’. Take a selenite crystal, a wand shape feels good, and smooth it through your aura with the intention that it takes any negative energies with it. I always work in strokes downwards from head to toe- if you do it the other way it feels odd- like stroking a cat the wrong way!

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