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Which Golden Girl are you? Quiz!

Quiz: Which Golden Girl are you?

There are no right or wrong answers to this quiz! This is a fun celebration of the lovable ladies of the comedy ‘The Golden Girls’ that ran from 1985-1992. Four older ladies become roommates and share everything from laughs to tears to cheesecakes, while dealing with relationships, family matters, sensual escapades, careers, and menopausal issues.

This show was and still is (in re-runs) a very rare opportunity that showed us that there is life after menopause; it is not all downhill after 50, 60, or even 80! Sure, the story lines could be silly at times, the 80s styles make us shake our heads, and the characterizations could be downright over-the-top now and then. But with great acting talents and skilled writers, the Golden Girls helps us deal with the stereotypes of aging. All these years later, the Golden Girls still makes us laugh while we rethink our attitudes towards older women.

This quiz is a fun way to remember those lovely ladies: Blanche Devereaux (Rue McClanahan), Rose Nylund (Betty White), Dorothy Zbornak (the late Bea Arthur), and Sophia Petrillo (the late Estelle Getty). Get yourself a slice of cheesecake and find out which Golden Girl you relate to the most.

Question # 1. When it comes to meeting men, you:
A. Like a guy who is still breathing
B. Like a guy, period!
C. Ask him if he can milk a cow
D. Are still waiting

Question # 2. Your ideal dream job is:
A. Company president – the boss!
B. P.R. person with Southern Charm
C. Social committee and team booster
D. Corporate instructor

Question # 3. Your policy for giving advice to your best friends is:
A. “Wait until you’re 65!”
B. Point out their wrinkles and grey hairs
C. Apologize for their wrinkles and grey hairs
D. “We’ve earned every wrinkle and grey hair!”

Question # 4. When you need comfort food, it’s cheesecake with a serving of:
A. Linguini with clam sauce
B. Lots of whipped cream!
C. Pickled herring
D. Chocolate sauce, ice cream, cookies...

Question # 5. Your stories usually include:
A. Great advice and Sicilian references
B. Steamy love scenes
C. Animal tricks
D. References to a toupee-wearing ex

Question # 6. Your ideal wardrobe accessory is:
A. A funky but practical beige handbag
B. Slinky silk and no underwear!
C. Cute and cozy sweaters with cats or cows
D. Strong, bold colors

Question # 7. When it comes to your grown children, you:
A. Eventually forgive them for putting you in Shady Pines
B. Enlist your grandkids to help you meet men
C. Still think they are virgins – at age 30!
D. Pray they won’t turn out like your toupee-wearing ex

Question # 8. Your attitude towards sensuality is:
A. Amazing – that you can still do it!
B. Like vitamins – you need lots everyday!
C. The last thing you did with your late husband
D. Still waiting but will take charge when the time is right

Question # 9. For you menopause is:
A. Long over – freedom!
B. Time to reassess your sensuality, but you’re still too young!
C. Hard to tell since you’ve always been hormonal!
D. A relief and just a part of life

Question # 10. Your ideal vacation spot is:
A. Sicily or the Bahamas
B. Anywhere the men are!
C. Back home with the farm animals
D. New York City

Bonus Question:
Your favorite saying is:
A. “Picture this!”
B. “Get outta here!”
C. “Back in St. Olaf!”
D. “Shady Pines, Ma!”

If your answers were mostly:

A. You’re like Sophia: passionate, non-nonsense, family-oriented, great story-teller and fabulous cook. Life begins at 80 and each day is a gift!

B. You’re like Blanche: playful, ready for anything, charming, sensual, sophisticated, and the perfect hostess. Living with older women shows you what menopause will be like!

C. You’re like Rose: super-positive, helpful, cheerful, caring, optimistic, and loving toward all people and animals. Menopause is not all that bad when you have friends!

D. You’re like Dorothy: strong, intelligent, practical, witty, and do not suffer fools gladly, especially toupee-wearing ex-husbands! Menopause is the beginning of the rest of your life as a vibrant woman.

We probably have a little of each Golden Girl in each one of us – and each one of us is truly (or will be) a Golden Girl!

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