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Overview The Suit of Pentacles

In the traditional Tarot there are 22 Major arcana cards and the minor arcana is divided into 4 suits. Wands (sometimes called staffs), Cups, Swords, and Pentacles (coins). Every suit has meaning as well, particularly if cards from a particular suit show up in abundance throughout a spread or if you find a card from a particular suit “follows” you.

The Pentacles represent the final stage of a process; the manifestation of an idea, course of action, or goal. When coins show up in abundance it means that something is coming to fruition – the results are showing up from one's prior actions. This can be in the form of rewards or consequences depending on the context.

In the Tarot there is a natural progression through the suits with the wands being ideas and initiative, the cups being feelings and intuition, the swords being the action and movement and the pentacles being the end result or culmination of all the other stages of development.

When coins show up in abundance and they are all or mostly upright it tends to point to rewards for long-term efforts. It can also suggest the need to be patient with your goals because they are in the process of working to your benefit. Coins are also the suit of responsibility and being accountable for one's own actions. The most positive characteristics of the pentacles are self-confidence, ambition, and persistence. They often come up around career endeavors and periods of personal growth and expansion.

Many reversed pentacles can tend to suggest you may not be carefully considering the long term effects of a course of action you are taking. Don't be shortsighted is always a message of reversed coins. Be sure that as you focus on making the most of present opportunities, you don't lose sight of long range goals. Another message often associated with many pentacle reversals is not remaining “stuck” in limited mindsets, circumstances or beliefs. Pessimism and a defeatist attitude are some of the more challenging coins aspects.

Often these cards will come up reversed when we are engaging in limited mindsets – such as “I will never make enough money to do this or have that” etc. What we believe manifests. If you see a lot of Pentacles in a spread, ask yourself if you like what you've been creating. If not, perhaps look in depth at alternative courses of action you could take.

In future posts I will cover the individual cards in greater detail and you can see in those interpretations how the suit meanings tie in. If you see a lot of pentacles in your readings consider your long range plans and how what you are doing today can either benefit or cost you in the long run.

Quick Reference
(These traits are quite general and will depend on the context of other cards around them etc.)

Positive Traits Associated with Pentacles

ambition, goal-oriented, rewards for efforts, gain, growth, persistence, self-confidence, good time for self-promotion, skilled, experienced, expertise

Challenges Associated with Pentacles

Cheap, stingy, too self-absorbed, winning at all costs, not considering consequences or long term ramifications, arrogance or on the opposite end an utter lack of self-confidence that leads to giving up or quitting before reaching goals.

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