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Unfolding our Light by Michael Eastwood

Unfolding our Light is the latest book from Michael Eastwood who is the author of the Crystal Oversoul Attunements book and cards. It shows you ways in which you can use the Oversoul cards and your crystals for deep healing.

Michael’s sense is that we are indeed moving into a New Age of Light where humanity is waking up to its true inheritance and connecting with ancient wisdom. Each of us is supported in this process by Spirit. Crystals are powerful tools for transformation and can be the keys to our unfoldment as we open up and encompass more of our true Self.

The subtitle of the book is Creating Crystal Mandalas to Awaken and Heal. Michael has worked extensively with mandalas of Oversoul cards and crystals both on his own and with groups of students and he has discovered key combinations of his Oversoul cards and associated crystals for the healing of the chakras and layers of the auric field.

I received my review copy from Michael, who is a treasured colleague in the world of Crystal Healing and whom I am honoured to call a friend. He is a deeply sensitive and wise man, a truly evolved being. Michael’s gentle wisdom emanates from his writing throughout this book.

I have tried several of the Attunements so far. The most profound experience for me has been with the Second Attunement which affects the sacral chakra and the second layer of the auric field, commonly called the Emotional Body. This didn’t surprise me as this is the area I have needed to work on most extensively over the years.

The Oversouls for the Emotional Body are Carnelian, Fairy Quartz and Moonstone. If you don’t already have the Oversoul cards you could just use these crystals, but the cards add another dimension to the Attunement. For each Attunement Michael also suggests compatible crystals and I slightly tweaked my own additional crystal choice. Instead of the suggested honey calcite I went for a large massage wand of orange calcite as I felt I needed a lot of orange.

You are encouraged to create your mandala of crystals and cards intuitively for each Attunement. Michael has included colour photographs of mandalas he has created for inspiration, but you really can be creative with them and are encouraged to make these layouts your own. You can stand, sit or lie in your mandala. I prefer to lie down. Groups may make a group mandala and then sit or lie around it as pictured in the book.

As a Crystal and Colour therapist I couldn’t resist adding a coloured cloths and coloured light to all my Attunements. For the Second Attunement I spread out an orange cloth over a yoga mat for comfort. I then set my Philips Living Colours lamp to a vibrant orange and placed it to shine over my sacral.

The three Oversouls cards were arranged intuitively. I placed the Carnelian card above my head, the Moonstone card on my left hand side level with my sacral chakra and the Fairy Quartz card on my right hand side level with my sacral chakra. I then took a large fairy quartz point which was placed point downwards between my feet to make a joyful Earth connection. I chose five pieces of moonstone which were arranged in a u-shaped cup formation around my lower abdomen and legs. I lay down in the arrangement and added the orange calcite massage wand over my solar plexus pointing down towards my sacral. This was the only stone actually placed on my body for this Attunement. I dowsed that I would need 15 minutes in the layout.

I quickly relaxed and became aware of growing warmth around my lower abdomen and thighs. Then I noticed that the energetic shape of my lower abdomen was feeling more expansive in a pleasant way. I realised that a distinctive shape was forming, my lower abdomen was forming a chalice and my legs were the stem of this sacred vessel. It was very beautiful. This vision and the sensations continued for a good while before the warmth subsided and I knew the Attunement was complete.

Reflecting on the experience I realised how appropriate it was, as ‘sacral’ and ‘sacred’ share the same root. This area of our bodies is sacred and a vessel for new life and creative energy, but many of us have been wounded emotionally and sexually and carry deep feelings of shame here, both from this lifetime and from past lives. Healing the wounds, releasing shame and reclaiming the sacredness of this part of our bodies is important healing work.

If you are engaged on the journey of self actualisation and love crystals then the Crystal Oversoul Attunements: 44 Healing Cards and Book and Unfolding our Light may support your continued growth and unfoldment.

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